Mark Zuckerberg Questioned Twitter’s Reasoning Over Trump’s Posts

Twitter has started warning President Trump for inaccurate and inflammatory tweets by fact-checking his posts but Facebook has yet to take a decision in this regard. Also, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has explained why he took Trump’s inflammatory posts so passively.

Threat from the US President

Donald Trump threatened the Minneapolis protestors with military action and this incident snowballed in Twitter adding warning to Trump’s tweet.

• Minneapolis citizens were protesting the killing of 46-year old George Floyd when Trump took to social media to show his displeasure against the protests. He made series of posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He said that the talked to Governor Tim Walz and told the governor that the military was with the governor. And that the military could take over the situation and shoot the looters.

• Twitter replied to the post saying that the post was glorifying violence. But it allowed the social media users to view the message from President Trump.

Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook and Instagram took no action but he explained his silence. He said he was personally against such posts but as a leader of a media house, it was his duty to allow freedom of expression to everyone.

• While he made it clear that Facebook didn’t allow content that incites violence but Trump’s message was more like a warning from the National Guard. And he thought that people need to know whether government was planning to use force.

• In Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion, Twitter’s reasoning was muddle because it took instant action in inflammatory messages without considering the news value of the content.


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