More Bodies Found In The Quake Hit Indonesia

Rescue operation in the quake hit Indonesia is on the full swing with more bodies retrieved from under the debris. A total of 56 lives were lost due to 6.2 magnitude earthquake. Military engineers are working hard to make way for relief goods.

Relief work reaches to the hardest hit places

Raditya Jati, spokesperson to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency’s spokesperson, said that Mamuju and the neighboring district of Majene on Sulawesi island were the hardest-hit places by the quake that left 47 dead in Mamuju and 9 in Majene. Also, over 800 were injured and thousands were left homeless. According to agency data, the quake damaged 415 homes in Majene and forced over 15,000 people to shelter homes.

The provincial capital city of Mamuju had debris all over. The quake brought the governor’s building and a shopping mall down to earth. Also, the two hospitals suffered damages.

Relief reaches the worst hit places

The army corps engineers managed to reopen ruptured roads to allow relief goods to reach the devasted cities. More heavy equipment reached the hardest hit cities allowing the army engineers to allow road connectivity. They even built a damaged bridge to provide quick access to relief workers.

Earlier quakes

Indonesia is frequented by earthquakes due to its location in the Ring Of Fire in the Pacific Ocean. It was recently hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in 2018. It devasted the Palu City killing over 4,000 people. An even bigger 9.1 magnitude quake hit Indonesia in 2004. It killed 230,000 people in different countries.

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