Most Dangerous Stunts Of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is known for his ludicrously dangerous stunts. There was a time when Jackie Chan dominated both the Hong Kong and East Asian box office but his popularity dimmed in his hometown due to his political affiliations.

But Jackie Chan is one of the few actors credited with creating some of the best action movies ever. But some of his stunts went wrong. He even risked his life while doing the stunts.

Here’re his most dangerous stunts

Armor of God – tree stunt

Jackie Chan leaps off the wall of a castle and onto a tree, then swings through the branches. But Chan broke the branch and fell on the ground. His head smacked a rock and he fractured his skull. This stunt almost killed him.

Police Story – shopping centre stunt

Jackie Chan throws himself off a balcony in a shopping centre, grabs a pole covered in light bulbs, slides down it and then drops off if through a glass roof and onto a small decoration house. He received multiple injuries including a fractured finger, injury to his pelvic bone and broken vertebrate during this stunt.

Project A – clock tower stunt

Jackie Chan is some 25 meters above the ground; he lets go of the clock with only two awnings below to break his fall. Chan landed on his head more than once while filming the scene.

Who am I? – skyscraper slide stunt

Jackie Chan slides down the exterior of the 25-storey Willemswerf building in Rotterdam. While Chan remained safe during the stunt but he did the stunt by himself.


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