Narendra Modi Could Quit Social Media This Sunday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that he was thinking of leaving social media in a week without elaborating the reason behind this decision. After his tweet, his followers and supported urged him to reconsider his decision with their likes, tweets and comments.

Social media presence of Narendra Modi

PM Modi is followed by 53.3 million on Twitter; 44 million on Facebook; 35.2 million on Instagram and 4.5 million on YouTube. He has been using social media for direct communication with people instead of through press. He hasn’t held a single press conference since becoming Prime Minister in 2014.

In 2009, he became an active member of Facebook and Twitter. On Monday, he stunned the world with his decision of leaving the social media. Within moments, his tweet received 65,000 likes; 42,000 replies and 22,000 tweets.

PM Modi is one of the most followed world leaders but he also faced criticism for following those who support vicious online trolling and abusing journalists. Also, he avoids talking about issues like spate of violence in his first tenure. He opened up about Delhi violence after three days.

Opposition on PM Modi leaving social media

Rahul Gandhi retweeted PM Modi’s tweet saying “give up hatred and not social media accounts.” Shashi Tharoor said that it could be step toward censorship in India. Social media was also rife with speculations that PM Modi’s tweet could have some relation with Women’s Day on March 8 that is Sunday. But #NoSir became a top trend with 30,000 tweets on Twitter.


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