Nirbhaya’s Killers Executed After Seven Years

All four convicts of Nirbhaya gang rape – AkshayThakur (31), Pawan Gupta (25), Vinay Sharma (26) and Mukesh Singh (32) – were hanged at 5:30 an in Tihar Jail, Delhi. Their execution took place soon after their final petition was dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Convicts had petitioned before Delhi High Court

It was a hurriedly filed petition and their lawyer cited coronavirus as a reason for not filing petition with proper documents. They had petitioned multiple times to stall their execution over the past few months. And they managed to do so three times at the eleventh hour. The lawyer of Ajay Thakur even pleaded to send them to India-Pakistan border or to Doklam at the China border instead of hanging.

Their last days in prison

The convicts were kept in isolation in separate cells in the last hours. According to an official they hardly slept. Also, they refused a last meal or the last wish. The official further said that they were barely eating in their cells. One of them even begged for his life while he was led to the gallows. The Asia’s largest prison was on lockdown since last night for the execution.

Asha Devi Nirbhaya’s mother on execution

She said that they all had to wait so long for that day. That day was a new dawn for the daughters of India. The beasts had been hanged. She went home and hugged picture of her daughter after hearing the Supreme Court’s verdict.


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