Nothing Launcher Is Available Only For Flagship Phones

As promised in its March event, Nothing finally released its Nothing Launcher on the Google Play Store. Currently available in beta, it is a stock Android launcher available for other Android devices in the market. It carries a set of standard circular app icons and features a single custom wallpaper. For widget users, it offers a clock and a weather widget.


Nothing Launcher released on Google Play Store
It is available with no-nonsense stock Android features
It features useful widgets including clock and weather widgets

Key Features Of Nothing Launcher

Nothing Launcher Is Available Only For Flagship Phones

Max Icons and Max Folders: Enlarge app folders and individual apps by hold and press command. It will allow you to view the app you want to use more clearly. Similarly, it is made easier to launch any app directly from folders. You will see the most used apps in the folders and enlarge them by holding and pressing the apps.

Bespoke Clock & Weather Widgets: It is raw technology balanced by human warmth to provide a unique experience to the users.

Nothing Wallpaper & Style: Now customize your home screen with an exciting color palette available with Nothing wallpapers.

Ringtones: It provides more options of melodious ringtones than you can find in others.

Who Can Download Nothing Launcher?

Currently available in beta, Nothing Launcher supports Google Pixel 5, Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy S21 series, and the Galaxy S22 series mobiles. By allowing the stock Android launcher for flagship phones only, Nothing has kept its promise of a premium experience. But there is little to worry about other brands, as Nothing will release the advanced version of its launcher in the coming days.

Download the Nothing Launcher from Google Play Store to get a different experience. Also, you can switch to your original Android, if you find it unsatisfactory.


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