On The 109th birth anniversary of Mother Teresa J. Fleix Raj shared his memory with a picture of both!

Mother Teresa is a well-known social worker in India who gave his entire life in serving poor people of slums. On Mother Teresa 109th birthday, J.Fleix Raj shared his vision on Mother Teresa with a beautiful picture of both.

He wrote, in 1994 Mother Teresa gave me a sympathetic look and plunge of Rosary into my palms and said, Pray for me and my work for insolvent and dying”. I was completely devoted to her dedication about serving peoples, this touched my heart and made me transformative.

Mother Teresa got huge criticism

In his article, he also described how much Mother Teresa got criticism with no proven reason. Critics blamed her if she was working for transformation. In 2015, The RSS chief minister Mohan Bhagwat said, her selfish aim was only to increase Christianity.

The BJP MP Subramanian Swamy approached her for noble transformation and serving people. He gave her Bharat Ratan Award and called her “Mother Teresa”.

Mother Teresa’s biographer and the former Chief Election Commissioner of India, asked her, you are trying to convert people, and she said yes. I convert them to become better Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and better Sikh. If you found God, it is only up to what you want.

Her message is Widespread. No matter who you are and what your religion is. Her message is only to serve love and humanity. This applies to all religions, therefore, nothing in it, which separate us.

With her Blue-border saree and big heart, she served love in her entire life. Her devotion still remembered by everyone.

Mother Teresa’s foundations

• in 1950, she founded in the slums of Calcutta with a small community member of 12 which is now has grown in large numbers with 4500 sisters worldwide, which is caring for AIDS patients, cancer victims, flood victims, giving food to poor, homeless people and more.

• In 1952, she founded the Nirmal Hriday centre for heart patients who are dying.

Today, her foundations are doing great for people for all religions without knowing about their richness or poor status.

Mother Teresa had inspired thousands of individual and now hundreds of people serving humanity and share their life in helping individuals. For more information please visit our latest trending News

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