Why Donald Trump Spared Apple From US-China Trade War?

The US and China are into a full-scale trade war is no longer a secret anymore but the world is yet to witness the repercussions of the ongoing trade-war between the two powerful economies. Presently the companies of both sides are facing the heat of the dispute. But there are some countries that are going to be benefitted by this war.

Trump on US-China trade

The US President ordered American companies to look for alternatives to China because he’s going to take the war to its logical conclusion that is according to him is doing off without China. Trump, in a recent tweet, said that the US has stupidly lost trillions of dollars with China over many years. He took to twitter to express his displeasure over China stealing their intellectual property worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year. The tweet reads that he vowed to stop China from looting the US of its dollars and ordered American companies to look for China alternative to do business.

Alternative for American companies

Giants like Apple and Google are seriously looking for an alternative. In the case of Apple, India seems to be a viable alternative. According to media reports, the 2018 models of made-in-India iPhones like XS, XS Max and XR would be sold across Europe. Apple is also looking for manufacturing its iPhones in other countries like Vietnam.

Trump meeting with Tim Cook

Apple could get some relief from the US-China trade blockade after Apple CEO Tim Cook met with President Trump and convinced the President that the tariffs would end up helping Apple competitors like Samsung. For more information please visit our latest trending News

Source: https://bit.ly/2U2ukMb

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