Pakistan faced all-around shock on Article 370: America, Russia, China, and United nations made the distance

PM Modi masterstroke against Pakistan and including Kashmir in India, Pakistan got shocked from international countries as well. In the last statement of Pakistan, Imran Khan said they will take help of the US and other countries on article 370, but all major countries UN, US, Russia, and china decline his proposal and revealed there will be made no change in 370 articles.

Pakistan had to face blow everywhere. On Thursday, the United Nations takes apart from this case whereas Taliban whom he brought up, turned their hopes. China who is known as a dear friend of Pakistan also ruined khan’s hopes.

Russia Foreign Ministry on Saturday

Russia said, whatever the decision made by India on 370 articles on J&K is based on the Indian Constitution. India divided it into two Union territories and changed the face of J&K. The Russian ministry said this decision is based on facts and after the investigation.1

They also said we hope Pakistan and India maintain the peace between their regions and don’t let it worsen. We hope both countries will resolve their differences in mutual trade.

Pakistan’s efforts failed in UN

The Security Council UN rejected the Imran’s request. The UN revealed its statement and saying, the secretary Council prompted India-Pakistan mutual agreement in 1972 known as Simla agreement, the last solution on J&K will be resolute by peaceable means under the UN charter.

Pakistan tried his best to convince the UN, but the UN refused and says both partied to stay calm and resolved their issues, and there will be no change in J&K status.

The US refused Pakistan

The spokesperson of the US says, there has been no change in J&K policy. The US Foreign minister Sullivan would be visiting New Delhi to reinforce the partnership with both countries and to confirm legal system in the indo-pacific region.

China is in devour of India and says it is justice for Kashmir. They are expected India and Pakistan will resolve their issues peacefully. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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