Ravish Kumar got Ramon Magsaysay Award: Rahul Gandhi said it’s a matter of pride for us!

Ravish Kumar winning on Ramon Magsaysay award, many leaders and political parties greeted him on Friday. The congress X leader Rahul Gandhi said it is a proud moment for us. He showed the mirror realism of government politician who is in power without scared.

The NDTV senior executive editor said Ravish Kumar is one of the best in five individuals who declared as Asia’s premier prize and honourable and greatest spirit person which turn over leadership in Asia.

Ravish showed the great reality of government without fear those are in power and using it unconditionally. It is a matter of superiority for journalism and we wish him heartiest Congratulations!!

Gandhi said on his tweet, I know many leaders are waiting for this great honour, stand up like him and fight with India and Its insinuation Onslaught.

Delhi CM Kejriwal had won Magsaysay award in 2006 for emergent leadership. Priyanka Gandhi, Mehbooba Mufti and more were wishing Ravish.

Priyanka in her wish said, he is the true journalist who spurs to speak the truth and keep the criticisms spark active.

Kejriwal Said, Congratulation to Ravish and I welcome him in the Club of Magsaysay. I hope his true reports and the brave heart stays with him. Well Done!!

Flashback on Ravish Kumar

Kumar was born in Jitwarpur (Bihar). He joined Delhi Television In 1996 and worded as a Field reporter. The NDTV news channel gave him his show, “Prime Time.” This Show talks about real-life glitches of normal people.

He is a simple, smart, brilliant journalist known for his true voice. For more information please visit our latest trending News

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