Boris Johnson Moves On After Losing UK By-Election To Pro-EU Liberal Democrats

Prime Minister Boris Johnson received a blow to his Brexit campaign in a fresh election for the parliamentary set of Brecon and Radnorhsire. Britain’s pro-European Union Liberal Democrats won the election with 13,826 votes.

Brecon Election

Brecon seat was earlier held by Conservative lawmaker Chris Davies but he was ousted for being convicted for falsifying expenses. He was also a candidate in the fresh election and came second with 12,401 votes. Liberal Democrat candidate Jane Dodds won the election.

The Brexit Party could garner only 3,331 votes and came third in the election and the main opposition Labor Party came fourth with 1,680 votes.

Conservatives in parliament

The loss of one vote reduced Johnson’s working majority marginally but considering the actual strength of the Conservatives in the parliament, it can be said that this loss could be considerable for Johnson government.

PM Boris Johnson has a wafer-thin majority in parliament and he’s relying heavily on a small Norther Irish party for majority. Conservatives have problem with rebels that could reduce the Johnson’s government to minority.


The election is seen as a referendum on Brexit. The recent winning increased the strength of Liberal Democrat to 13 and their leader Jo Swinson lost no time in making a statement that Boris Johnson had no mandate to crash Britain out of the EU.

Democrats have one more MP to vote against Brexit in parliament and they would see what they could do to stop the exit, the Democrat Leader further maintained. But Boris Johnson seemed unmoved with the defeat.

Boris Johnson is firm on its decision to Brexit on October 31 without an exit agreement if needed.

Brecon parliamentary seat

From 1997 to 2015, Brecon seat was with Liberal Democrats when Conservative candidate Chris Davies won the seat. In the 2017 snap election, Davies won the seat with over 8,000 votes. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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