Russia-Ukraine War: 10 Big Developments Of The Day

With Russian troops now targeting major Ukrainian cities, the numbers of residents fleeing neighboring countries have increased. The world is seeing an unprecedented refugee crisis as the number of refugees has already crossed 1.5 million.

10 Developments Of the Russia-Ukraine war:

• Residents of the besieged city of Mariupol are trapped without water and electricity as all attempts to evacuate the civilians have failed due to repeated ceasefire violations by Russian forces.

• Vinnytsia airport in central Ukraine was destroyed by Russian missiles said President Volodymyr Zelensky.

• Mortar fire killed three civilians trying to flee Irpin reported BBC.

• Pope Francis rejected the “military operation” term used by Russia for justifying its actions saying that rivers of blood and tears were flowing in Ukraine. Pope also said that the war was leading only to death, destruction, and misery.

• Top global firms including the streaming giant Netflix, accounting firms KPMG, PWC, and financial service company American Express cut ties with Russia amid the ongoing Ukraine war.

Russia-Ukraine war

• Russia asks its merchants to limit sales of essential items to counter black marketing of necessary items. There is fear that western sanctions could trigger hoarding of essential goods for black marketing.

• Approximately 4,600 people were detained for protesting against Russian President Vladimir Putin for starting the Ukraine war according to an independent protest monitoring group.

• Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined to achieve his goals in Ukraine by peaceful negotiations or through war.

• The third round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine is expected to start on Monday.

• On Monday, Ukraine will approach the United Nation’s top court to urge the court to issue an emergency ruling to stop Russia from invading its territories. It said that the justification Russia is using for its “military operation” is based on a misinterpretation of genocide law.


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