See Nik Wallenda And Erendira Performing In Volcano Live

The King of High Wire, Nik Wallenda, attempted a walk over a wire located above an active volcano while his wife Erendira performed aerial ballet above the volcano. MasayaVolcano in Nicaragua during a live broadcast.

Volcano Live

The Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua was live when Wallenda and his wife gave a stunning performance in a two-hour special, Volcano Live, program hosted by Chris Harrison and Sage Steele. The wire on which Wallenda walked was located 1,800 feet above the volcano floor. But his wife tried performing aerial ballet while hanging from a helicopter.

Nik Wallenda walked over an active volcano

A seventh-generation member of the famed Flying Wallendas circus family, Nik Wallenda performed the highest and longest endeavour that was eight times higher than his walk in New York City. Later he described how he practiced walking over a rope above a volcano. He used machines to get the right feel. He had smoke around the rope and the winds blowing from big machines were making the rope unstable during the practice sessions. But his biggest concern was the deadly gases oozing out from the volcano. He walked the rope using a thermal camera. His father was the only one communicating with him through an earpiece while he was walking over the volcano.

Erendira danced over the volcano

First of all, she tried giving performance from a helicopter but changed her plans when the weather didn’t allow. She performed from the wire hanging above the volcano. And her act was the most difficult and dangerous part of the show.

Throughout her performance, she kept her face covered with a mask to prevent coming into contact with toxic gases. Also, there were some frightening moments when she hung upside down to perform a myriad of splits. But she didn’t hesitate in putting off her safety mask to show how she was hanging by her teeth clenching on to a rope. Harrison called it the most dangerous moment of the show.

Erendira said that at first, she was nervous but she prepared herself for the daring act. She could hear the music that had a calming effect on her mind. Also, she didn’t look down for most of the time.

Wallenda was standing nearby and watching his wife giving stunning performance. He could be heard encouraging Erendira throughout her performance. At one time he said, “You’re doing great darling”.


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