The US Won’t Send Its Troops To Ukraine Said President Joe Biden

American citizens should leave Ukraine said the US President Joe Biden as the US won’t send its troops to the ex-Soviet state even to rescue its citizens.

Biden said the situation in Russia was different and that he feared things could go crazy anytime. He maintained that the US was dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. If Americans and Russians start shooting one another, the world would be very different, said the president.

Why Is US President So Worried About Americans In Ukraine?

US President So Worried About Americans In Ukraine

Russian tanks are preparing for live drills across Belarus. It has been three decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union that the world is seeing the deployment of missiles, and heavy armory by Russia and NATO called it a “dangerous moment.” Also, six Russian warships are reaching the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov through Bosphorus for naval drills.

But Russia’s defense ministry said that the drills would center around suppressing and repelling any external aggression. Also, Russia has promised that the troops would be taken back after the drills are complete.

What Is The Real Standoff Between Russia And The US?

Real Standoff Between Russia And The US

Russia has been objecting to the extension of NATO to ex-Soviet states for a long time. But this time, Kremlin seems determined to prevent NATO from expanding to ex-Soviet states. Russia needs a written guarantee from NATO that it would withdraw its presence from Eastern Europe and would never expand to Ukraine. The US has offered new disarmament for Europe but Russia sees the idea as insufficient.

How Is The Peace Process Going?

Western leaders want to provide Russia an opportunity to air its grievances about NATO expansion. They have been visiting Russia to keep all communication lines open. But Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said the presence of Russian troops along its border was building psychological pressure on Ukraine.


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