Why Were Instagram And WhatsApp Down And Who Benefitted From This Outage?

Instagram and WhatsApp users witnessed over half-an-hour downtime tonight globally. It started around 11 pm when the users first reported the outage when they weren’t able to upload their photos or send messages.

What was the reason behind the outage?

Facebook who owns both Instagram and WhatsApp released a statement soon after noticing the outage. It said that users tweeted about the difficulty they faced in uploading content and sending messages during outage. A spokesperson from Facebook said that it was a technical issue that had been resolved and that they were apologetic for the inconvenience caused to the users.

What did outage tracking website say about the outage?

Downdetector.com reported that the Facebook owned apps Instagram and WhatsApp were down for over 30 minutes from 11 pm and 11:40 pm. The website noted more than 1.2 million reports about Instagram outage and over 23,000 posts about issues with WhatsApp. Downdetector website uses user-submitted errors on its platform to track downtime of different websites.

How was Signal benefitted from WhatsApp outage?

The rival messaging app Signal tweeted a swipe on the WhatsApp outage by expressing its solidarity with the people working on the WhatsApp downtime. It further stated that people outside the tech industry would never know how weird that sounded when someone said that they were looking forward to some weekend outage. It also said that Signal registrations were through the roof and welcomed everyone on its platform. It is to be noted that Signal claims better user privacy and security.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3rZAj4t

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