Welcome Spring Season On March 20 With Google’s Colorful Doodle

Google releases a doodle to celebrate the beginning of the spring season on March 20, Saturday. Designed on the theme of spring, the Google Doodle features a hedgehog carrying a bouquet on its back and a smile on its face.

What is the hedgehog doing?

The hedgehog is happy at the arrival of the spring season and it is showing its happiness through its smile. It is seen playing in a lush field where honey bees could be seen buzzing around flowers. It is a colorful doodle with different features and all the features of the doodle including lush bushes, flowers and honeybees together spell out “Google”.

When does the spring season start?

The spring season starts in the northern hemisphere when the sun crosses the equator during its journey from the southern hemisphere to norther. And it happens every year on March 20 so this very day is taken as the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. And the spring season continues till June 21.

The day when the sun passes equinox while traveling to the northern hemisphere is also called Spring Equinox. On this day, days and nights are nearly equal in length. They are approximately 12 … Read the rest


Read Farhan Akhtar’s Loved-Up Post On Shibani Dandekar’s Instagram Pic

Actress-model Shibani Dandekar shared a behind-the-scene moment during her workout session on Instagram to highlight social media vs reality. And her post received quite an amusing response from her boyfriend Farhan Akhtar.

What is that picture of Shibani Dandekar?

Taken between a session, the model is seen lying on the work mat in a gym. She’s clutching on her abs. The caption she gave to the photo is “Be kind to yourself”. She further said that she needed her body and mind to be in sync and when there weren’t, being patient was the key. She suggests viewers take a moment before getting back in the zone. She also said that she felt blessed to get an incredible coach Drew Neal.

What was Farhan Akhtar’s comment for Shibani Dandekar?

Farhan Akhtar was quick to note her picture and making a comment that is both amusing and encouraging. He said that he liked the stretch Shibani Dandekar was doing pre set. He finished his comment by saying that it was awesome. It is well-known that Shibani Dandekar and Farhan Akhtar share a cordial relationship and often trend for their loved-up posts.

Who is Shibani Dandekar?

Shibani Dandekar is a model turned … Read the rest


Mislav Orsic Of Dinamo Zagreb Beat Tottenham Hotspur With 3-0 Hat Trick

Mislav Orsic shattered all hopes of Tottenham Hotspur of reaching the quarterfinals by striking a hat-trick on the Thursday match. Dinamo Zagreb won the match by 3-0 leaving the Spurs surprised at their ouster.

Where was Tottenham Hotspur standing in the league?

Jose Mourinho’s team had a 2-0 advantage from the first leg when they entered the second leg of the Europa League and were hoping to reach the quarterfinals. But Dinamo Zagreb proved to be a tough nut to crack despite the controversy surrounding their coach Zoran Mamic.

The first half of the match was tepid

There was no progress in the first 45 minutes of the game as the Spurs looked listless. Both the teams retired to their respective dressing rooms at the end of the first half. But there was some action on the part of the host in the second half. The Spurs found it difficult to check Mislav Orsic who scored three goals to give Dinamo Zagreb a clear lead over Tottenham Hotspur.

Was Mislav Orsic the real hero of the match?

Mislav Orsic told reporters that he thought that everyone was a hero that night because they all breathed as one in an unforgettable … Read the rest


5 Apps That Will Lull You To Sleep On World Sleep Day On 19th March

The World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society celebrates World Sleep Day every year to educate people about the benefits of good sleep and create awareness around sleep-related issues and their management.

When is World Sleep Day?

19 March 2021 has been declared the World Sleep Day this year. Sleep is an important part of human life and a good sleep of 6-8 hours is necessary for a healthy body and mind. On World Sleep Day, you should know about the seven apps that can help get a sound sleep. And you can try these apps for free.


It is a meditation app that relaxes the body and mind with sleep stories, soothing music, and guided lessons on gentle movements to help fall asleep. It can even help overcome anxiety.


It is also a meditation app that features a speaker that delivers courses on mindful living. The speaker suggests techniques to calm an anxious mind. You can manipulate the speaker’s sound according to your comfort.

Relax Melodies

It plays music that relaxes body and mind and it allows setting music for the whole night or for a certain time until you … Read the rest


What Is Wrong With Cadbury India Private Limited?

Cadbury India Private Limited (CIL) has been accused of fraudulently availing area-based tax benefits in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Also, a First Information Report has been filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation after a preliminary inquiry.

What are the allegations against CIL?

The company is accused of availing tax benefits to the tune of Rs. 241 crore for setting new units in Himachal Pradesh. According to CBI, the irregularities took place between 2009 and 2011. The agency said that the investigation revealed that the company bribed the government officials to get tax benefits it wasn’t entitled to and tried to cover the matter by misrepresenting facts.

What are the facts of the case?

In 2007, CIL proposed to make an independent unit in the Baddi district of Himachal Pradesh to be eligible for exemption from excise duty and income tax for additional 10 years. But the company expanded its existing unit built-in 2005 instead of making an independent unit. And it obtained a license for the second unit that was an expansion in July 2010 that is four-months after the cut-off date to get benefits.

What did CBI say in its FIR?

The CBI found that the company bribed tax … Read the rest


Why Did Joe Biden Call Putin A Killer?

US President Joe Biden had a long phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin in January after taking over the presidency from Donald Trump. Recently Biden called Putin a “killer” and warned him of strict actions.

Excerpts of Biden-Putin phone call

It was a long call but intimidating for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden said that he knew Putin and Putin knew him. Biden further said that if he established something then Putin should be ready to face repercussions. But Biden took the first step to start the agreement to continue working in the areas where both the countries have to work together.

Why did Biden call Putin “killer”?

It was during an interview to ABC News when Biden was asked about Putin’s role in poisoning Alexei Navalny and other rivals that Biden said yes, he thought Putin was a “killer”. Biden’s comments were followed by the US Commerce Department toughening export restrictions on Russia for poisoning Navalny.

What did Biden mean by saying “know the other guy”?

Joe Biden said that learned tough political lessons in his five-decade political career including Vice President of America. He said that the most important thing to deal with awful people was to … Read the rest