5 Morning Asanas To Learn On International Yoga Day 2021

Start the International Yoga Day 2021 with Surya Namaskar that is a combination of 12 asanas. Also, develop the good habit of doing yoga daily. Yoga is good for life. It helps in maintaining physical and mental well-being. Also, some asanas are simple to perform and that can give amazing benefits like mental peace and improved digestion.

Start your morning with these 5 yoga asanas and stay fit and healthy all-day

  1. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is also referred to as salutations to the Sun as it is a combination of 12 asanas. It strengthens the spine and back muscles. Also, it boosts metabolism and blood circulation.

• Stand up with folded hands, raise your hands over your head, and bring the hands down towards your feet. You can bend your knees for convenience.

• Bring your right knee towards the chest and stretch the left knee towards the back. Repeat it with the left knee.

• Lie on your abdomen, place your palms on the floor, and stretch your head backward with the help of your hands.

• Lift your hips to make an inverted “V” form. Your palms will remain on the floor.

• Bend your right knee towards your chest and extend the left knee backward. Repeat it with the left knee.

  1. Bhujangasana

Also known as the cobra pose, it is good for abdominal muscles and the lower back. Also, it can aid in reducing waistline and stubborn fat around the belly area.

• Lie down on the abdomen, place your palms close to your chest, and lift your head back as much as you can.

• Hold this position for a few seconds.

  1. Mudra Asana

Performing mudra asana in the morning will ensure effective digestion throughout the day. It is also good for abdominal and back muscles.

• Sit with folded legs and your hands firmly held behind the back.

• Take a deep breath and bend your forehead towards the floor while exhaling the breath.

• Hold this position for a couple of seconds before coming back to the original position.

  1. Parsva Sukhasana

Parsva Sukhasana brings peace of mind by relieving the body of anxiety and stress. It is a morning asana because it can help maintain calm all day.

• Sit with your legs in the lotus position and fold your hands in the namaskar position.

• Raise your folded hands above your head and then gradually bring them down to your chest.

• Put your right hand on the side and stretch your head and the left arm to the right side. Hold this position for a few seconds and then repeat it with the left hand.

  1. Kumbhakasana

Also known as the plank pose, Kumbhakasana works on the back and stomach. It is simple to do and it can strengthen your core.

• Lie on your stomach with your palms firmly close to your chest and legs stretched.

• Raise your body with the help of your arms and feet.

• Keep your legs straight to make a straight line from your tip to toe.

• Hold this position for a couple of seconds.

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