Chelsea VS Bayern- 3 things we learned from this incredible knockout!

The knockout between Chelsea and Bayern was thrilled to watch. Now, Bayern will take a lead to Bavaria after the historic 3-0 win in 16the leg in Chelsea. With this champion’s league, we have learned the five things which you should know about.

London is Bayern’s desired place for playing

Bayern won three times in this league against the English teams, and guess what? All are in London. This time Bayern showed his love with London. He will be the most amazing player when he played in the UK. He plays with his heart. At this place, Bayern snatches the league by Arsenal 5-1.

Alphonso Davies will be the best player shortly

The other masterstroke of the Bayern team is Alphonso, who made the goal and shows why he is the best and left hand of Bayern’s. This 19-year old boy will be the rising star of League because it was the goal that allows Bayern to enjoy his victory.

Davies is young, thus some time he made a silly decision. But while playing a match or making goals he is the one who really appreciated.

Chelsea got a strong fight

Chelsea got hard to fight against Bayern and it seems that Chelsea has to climb a mountain. The team was completely OFF that lose their score with a high margin. In the ground, the team needs to score 3 times but failed.


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