The US Fears China Could Supply Military Equipment To Russia

Russia is looking forward to China for military help in its “special operation” against Ukraine reported the Financial Times and Washington Post from sources in the US administration.


• Russia needs supply for its military operation
• China could be the likely partner of Russia
• Jake Sullivan of the US will meet Chinese diplomat in Rome
• China has so far maintained silence on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

What Kind Of Military Help Does Russia Need?

Russia needs military equipment supplies for its ongoing “special operation” against Ukraine. Since the west has imposed sanctions on Russia, it has become very difficult for Moscow to get the necessary equipment for its military. But China could provide military supplies to Russia. But the report didn’t give any clue to what kind of military supplies Russia needs for its defense forces.

Why Would China Help Russia?

China Could Supply Military Equipment To Russia

Beijing has so far refrained from condemning Russia’s “special operation” as an invasion of Ukraine and it has urged a negotiated solution for the military problem. Also, China is facing similar sanctions as Russia. It has come under tremendous western pressure on human rights and other issues. Since both the countries are facing similar sanctions from the west, they could join hands to form a collective defense before the west.

How Would US Stop China From Helping Russia?

U.S. National Security advisor Jake Sullivan is expected to meet China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi in Rome. The meeting could take place on Monday. Jake Sullivan would raise the issue of military supplies to Russia with the Chinese diplomat in the meeting. If China proceeds with its military supplies to Russia, it could face more sanctions from the US.

The Financial Times and Washington Post tried reaching the White House’s National Security Council for comments but the council declined to give any comment on the sensitive issue.


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