The US Fears Use Bioweapons In Ukraine

The US warned that Russia could use bioweapons against Ukraine in the ongoing war while rejecting the assumptions that the US was supporting a bioweapons program in Ukraine.

Russia has alleged that Ukraine was working on a bioweapons program with the support of the US. But America has rejected the allegation saying that Moscow could use the bioweapons themselves.


• The US denied that it was supporting any bioweapons program in Ukraine
• America called the allegation a conspiracy theory for using bioweapons by Russia
• White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the disinformation by Russia was a sign that Russians could use the biological weapons
• Psaki hinted that Russia had a track record of accusing the west

Did Russia Find Bioweapons In Ukraine?

US Fears Use Bioweapons In Ukraine

Russian foreign ministry claimed to find evidence of the presence of biological weapons in Ukraine in its 6th March tweet. It said that Russian forces caught Ukrainians erasing traces of a military-biological program allegedly funded by the US.

The US Rejected The Allegation

State Department spokesman Ned Price issued a statement soon after the allegation was made against the US. Ned Price said that the Kremlin was intentionally spreading outright lies that the US and Ukraine were conducting any such activities in Ukraine. The Russians were looking for excuses to justify their horrific actions in Ukraine maintained Ned Price.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the claim preposterous. He also said that they had also seen Chinese officials echoing those conspiracy theories. Since Russia had made such claims, it could possibly use bioweapons in the war or create a false flag operation to use those weapons, maintained Psaki.

The US said that it was working with Ukraine to prevent Russia from seizing biological research material in Ukraine.


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