Which Industries Would Get National Awards For Indigenous Technologies On National Technology Day 2022?

National Technology Day 2022 will be celebrated on 11 May with the theme of “Integrated Approach in Science & Technology for Sustainable Future”. Union Minister Jitendra Singh launched the theme to begin the celebrations.


• National Technology Day is celebrated on 11 May every year
• It is observed to honor India’s scientists and their achievements
• Celebrations include the announcement of National Awards for the commercialization of technologies

History Of National Technology Day

History Of National Technology Day

The National Technology Day was started in 1998 at the behest of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 11 May 1998 is a special day in the history of India. It was on that day that the country conducted a series of successful nuclear tests at Pokhran and then PM Vajpayee announced celebrations of all the hard work and efforts put the scientific community of India in the development of new technologies.

Also, the day coincides with the flight of India’s first indigenous aircraft, Hansa-3, in Bengaluru. The aircraft took its first flight when the nuclear tests were conducted in Pokhran.

Significance of National Technology Day

Every year, Technology Development Board invites applications for National awards for the commercialization of technologies. The awards are given under three broad categories – National Awards, MSME awards, and Startup awards.

Industries working in the development of indigenous technologies are asked to come forward and show their work. Also, the industries have to describe the commercial use of the technologies they are working on. Selected industries are awarded for developing indigenous technologies.

Celebrations Of National Technology Day

Celebrations Of National Technology Day

The day is celebrated by honoring eminent scientists of the country. Industries are also awarded for developing innovative technologies for commercial uses. Schools organize science quizzes to encourage students to take interest in science. Exhibitions are also organized to educate people about the scientific development of the country.

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