Revised Playing Conditions For T20 World Cup 2022 Final

What Are The Revised Playing Conditions For T20 World Cup 2022 Final?

Rules for the T20 World Cup 2022 final have been revised for the Pakistan and England match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday. The rules are changed to prevent the rough weather conditions from spoiling the play. The revised conditions make sure that the match doesn’t get washed out with the rain.

Revised Match Conditions

Revised Playing Conditions For T20 World Cup 2022 Final
  1. Monday is the reserve day in case the match doesn’t start on the scheduled day.
  2. The Event Technical Committee (ETC) amended clause 13.7.3 of the Playing Conditions to increase the additional playing time on the reserve day to four hours from two hours, in case the match doesn’t completed in the provided time.
  3. 10 overs per side are required to enter the knockout stage and all efforts will be put to complete the match on the scheduled day even with necessary reductions of overs.
  4. The match will be played on the reserve day only when the minimum number of overs (10 overs per side) aren’t played on the scheduled day.
  5. The match will continue on the reserve day beginning at 15h00 (9:30 AM IST).
  6. An additional 30 minutes are available for Sunday and extra four hours are reserved for Monday.
  7. A Super Over will
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Kapil Dev Call Indian Team Chokers

Why Did Kapil Dev Call Indian Team “Chokers”?

The Indian cricket team was knocked down by English players in the T20 World Cup 2022 semi-final match. England won the match by 10 wickets, while India lost 8 wickets to make a chasing score for England. Kapil Dev called the Indian team chokers.


• Former Indian skipper Kapil Dev urged the fans to not criticize the team for this defeat
• Kapil Dev said that England assessed the conditions better and outplayed India

Why Did Kapil Dev Call Indian Team Chokers?

Kapil Dev Call Indian Team Chokers

India reached the semi-final level in T20 World Cup 2022 but failed to make any breakthrough beyond this level. But the biggest problem is the manner in which the Indian team lost the game to England. Their defeat has raised many questions about their performance.

Kapil Dev, who was credited for bringing the first-ever World Cup in 1983, branded the Indian team as chokers in a show on ABP News. The former Indian captain said that they can be called chokers because they came close and then choke. At the same time, he urged the fans to not criticize the Indian team for this defeat.

What Did Kapil Dev In The Favor Of The Indian Team?

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Elon Musk Create an “Official” Label

New “Official” Tag And Other Latest Updates From Twitter

Elon Musk created an “Official” label for select verified Twitter accounts on Wednesday but it vanished soon. And all Musk had to say about this new label was that he just killed that. It is to be noted that Twitter already has a blue label for select verified accounts.


• A new “Official” label appeared on Twitter on Wednesday only to disappear on the same day
• Twitter’s coveted blue badge is undergoing a major makeover under Elon Musk
• Elon Musk wants to levy an $8 fee for the blue badge despite heavy criticism

Why Did Elon Musk Create an “Official” Label?

Elon Musk Create an “Official” Label

It was Twitter’s latest update along with the new $8 service with the blue verification mark but it didn’t last for long. Twitter launched an “Official” label for select verified accounts including government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers, and some public figures but removed it soon after the launch.

PM Modi’s Twitter account had the “Official” label before it was withdrawn. During the launch, Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter would do many dumb things in the coming months. They would what be worked and change what didn’t.

Why Was The “Official” Label

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Job Cut Start In Meta Platforms Inc.

Facebook Parent Meta Platforms Inc. Is Cutting Jobs For These Reasons

Meta Platforms Inc. follows Twitter in job cuts. The Facebook parent company initiated work on widespread job cuts on Wednesday. According to insiders, Mark Zuckerberg took the drastic step after disappointing earnings and a sharp drop in revenue.


• Meta job announces job cuts for the first time after its inception in 2004
• About 10% of Meta employees are expected to be affected by the job cuts
• Mark Zuckerberg had already updated his team about the job cuts in September

What Are The Reasons Given For Job Cuts By Meta Platforms Inc.?

When Mark Zuckerberg warned employees in late September about his intentions to slash expenses by restructuring teams, the company was already reeling struggling to improve its revenue from digital advertising. The fear of economic recession also forced Mark Zuckerberg to take this drastic step. Insiders also say that Zuckerberg needs more funding for his speculative virtual-reality push called the Metaverse.

How Did The Job Cut Start In Meta Platforms Inc.?

Job Cut Start In Meta Platforms Inc.

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Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election

Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election Bid In The Coming Days

Former President Donald Trump said that he was going to make a big announcement in the coming days. It is to be noted that Trump had never come to terms with his lost re-election bid in 2020. Also, he was giving hints of re-entering the fray in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.


• Donald Trump hinted he could fight the 2024 presidential elections
• He lost the re-election bid in 2020
• The Republican was the closest to confirming his re-election bid in the 2024 elections

What Announcement Did Donald Trump Make On Monday?

Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election

Donald Trump said that he would make a big announcement about his decision to re-enter the race for the White House in 2024 in the coming days. Trump lost his re-election bid in 2020 but it didn’t deter him from re-entering the fray in the next presidential elections.

Trump made the statement about his re-election during a meeting in Ohio on the eve of US polls in Ohio. These polls will determine the control of Congress. He told a cheering crowd that he wasn’t detracted from the very important election in 2024. He further said that he would make a very big announcement on Tuesday, … Read the rest

Lazio’s 1-0 Win Over AS Roma

3 Key Takeaways Of Lazio’s 1-0 Win Over AS Roma

The absence of its key striker Ciro Immobile had little effect on Lazio who registered a 1-0 win in a derby over AS Roma on Sunday. With this win, Lazio came third in the Serie A table with 27 points, and AS Roma stands in the fifth position with 25 points after thirteen matches.

Key Takeaways Of The Game

How Maurizio Sarri Coped With Immobile’s Absence?

An injured Ciro Immobile chose to sit between audiences and watch his team playing. But Sarri was looking for a striker for his team. And the former Chelsea coach decided to bet on Mattia Zaccagni, Felipe Anderson, and Pedro as strikers. And his decision proved fruitful when Anderson scored the deciding goal in the first half. The Brazilian defender Roger Ibañez made an incredible mistake but Anderson didn’t miss the opportunity.

What Was The Biggest Challenge For AS Roma?

Lazio’s 1-0 Win Over AS Roma

Considering the ball possession rate and the costly mistake by their defender, it becomes clear that defense was their biggest challenge. They couldn’t take … Read the rest