Olivia Rodrigo Receives A handwritten Letter From Taylor Swift


Olivia Rodrigo was excited to release her debut album “Sour” but she’s more excited about the letter she received from Taylor Swift. Also, she credited Taylor Swift for her track “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back.”

18-year-old pop megastar gives credit to the US megastar….

The track “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” looks to be inspired by Taylor’s 2017 LP” Reputation”. Also, Olivia gives credit to the popularity of this track and the album to Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day” track has its impression on “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” and Olivia happily accepts that she is inspired by Taylor Swift. She eve credits Jack Antonoff, co-author and co-producer of “Shake It Off.”

Olivia Rodrigo spills beans about her love for Taylor Swift….

She said that she admitted the US megastar Taylor Swift so much that she wanted to do a duet with Swift. She said that Taylor Swift’s 2010 record was her favorite and that she also wanted to be featured in re-recording of Taylor Swift’s tracks.

Olivia Rodrigo received a letter from the US megastar….

The pop megastar was excited to give details of the letter she received from the 31-year US megastar. It was a handwritten letter that Taylor Swift penned for Olivia Rodrigo. But Olivia didn’t give many details about the content of the letter authored by former Grammy-winner.

Olivia Rodrigo happily told that the US megastar sent her best wishes to Olivia Rodrigo. Also, Taylor Swift wrote that she believed that Olivia Rodrigo would make her luck. And it was a big thing for the young pop star that has recently shot to fame.

Olivia Rodrigo loves Taylor Swift’s album “Speak Now” and she wants to get featured on a … Read more

From Reviving Underboob Bikinis To Trademark Filing, Kylie Jenner Looks For A Big Leap In Swimwear Industry

Kylie Jenner is preparing for a big launch in the swimwear brand. The World Sleep Day Committee of the World The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has already filed to trademark “Kylie Swim” and “Kylie Swim By Kylie Jenner.”

Kylie Jenner has applied to trademark a wide range of beach items….

She’s added a full list of accessories essential for beach parties. Or it will be more appropriate to say that Jenner has tried to include everything people need for beach vacations. She needs a trademark for bikinis, cover-ups, footwear, headwear, sunglasses, swim goggles, floats, and towels. The application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office even includes beach bags and backpacks to tote the beach essentials offered.

Recent trademarks of Kylie Jenner….

In 2019, the makeup mogul applied for a trademark for “Kylie Body,” “Kylie Baby” and “Kylie Hair” but this time, she needs a trademark for essentials that fall on categories outside of makeup and skincare. And she’s chosen swimwear and beach essential for trademark.

Swimwear brand is natural to the Kardashian family….

The famous family is often seen making headlines for their bikini snaps. The world has seen Kim and Kourtney Kardashian jump-starting the velour swimwear trend through their pictures. Also, the fans have seen Jenner reviving underboob bikinis. Together the Kardashian sisters keep creating ripples in the swimwear industry through their choice of bikinis.

A recent picture features Kylie Jenner, 23, twinning with her 3-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster in matching bikinis. It seems Jenner could rely on the youngest model from her family to showcase her brand.

Senior Kardashian also files for trademark….

The mother of Kardashian sisters, Kris, 65, seems to be obsessed with trademark as she has also applied for … Read more

How Did Ariana Grande Meet Her Realtor Boyfriend Dalton Gomez?


Ariana Grande, 27, finally tied the knot with Dalton Gomez, 25, after two unsuccessful affairs. They married in a very private ceremony at their home in Montecito, California over the weekend.

How was the marriage ceremony of Ariana and Dalton?

A representative of Ariana Grande said that that was a tiny and intimate ceremony involving less than 20 people including the couple and their families. And they all were very happy. The representative further said that both Ariana and Dalton loved Montecito as they had spent much time there. Also, that it was natural for them to get married at their beautiful and historic house.

When did Ariana and Dalton decide to marry?

Ariana Grande surprised the world by announcing her engagement with Dalton Gomez in December. She published a picture of her engagement ring on her Instagram profile to let her fans know that she was going to marry soon.

The couple had been dating since January 2020 and they spent much of their pandemic time in self-isolation at her home. They made the first public appearance in May when the couple was seen in the music video for Ariana and Justin Bieber’s collaborative track, “Stuck with U.” In June, they made their romance public on Instagram.

Past affairs of Ariana Grande

Before meeting Dalton, Ariana Grande was in relation with comedian and ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Pete Davidson but their relationship lasted only five months and ended in December 2018.

Before Peter, Ariana had been dating the late rapper, Mac Miller, for two years, and they split shortly before the demise of Mac Miller in September 2018.

Dalton Gomez is a real estate agent. Ariana met him during her search for a vacation home outside of Los … Read more

Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza, 26, Won Miss Universe 2021 Title In A Political Event


Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza, 26, was crowned Miss Universe 2021 on Sunday night in Hollywood, Florida. While it is an apolitical function, Miss Myanmar gave it a political touch by highlighting the plight of her country.

Here’s how the event unfolded after one year of pandemic-infused cancellation….

The 21 finalists were on the stage, revealing their costume designs and giving performances before the judges. American actor Mario Lopez and television personality Olivia Culpo were hosting the event and assisting the competition analysts and commentators that include winner of the 2017 title Demi-Leigh Tebow and former Miss Universe contestants Cheslie Kryst and Paulina Vega.

The competition drew close between Mexico, Brazilian, and Peruvian finalists and the panelists voted for Miss Mexico. Andrea Meza finished first and crowned Miss Universe 2021 in the grand event.

The world saw Andrea Meza being crowned….

A teary-eyed Andrea Meza performed the catwalk in a sparkling red evening gown for the first time as Miss Universe 2021 and rushed back to get a group hug from fellow contestants on finishing the catwalk.

Miss Myanmar gave the event a political touch….

Miss Myanmar, Thuzar Wint Lwin made up to the top 21 and used the precious time to draw the attention of the world towards the plight of her country.

She said that their people were dying and being shot by the military every day. She urged everyone in the event to talk about Myanmar. Her pictures of taking part in anti-coup protests were also displayed in her biographical video.

Miss Myanmar, Thuzar Wint Lwin won the award for the best national costume. Dressed in a beaded outfit in a traditional Burmese pattern, she displayed a card that read “Pray for Myanmar.” Myanmar is witnessing violence … Read more

Miss Universe 2020 Contestants Dazzle The World With Their Elaborate Costumes In The Preliminary Round


Miss Universe 2020, the 69th edition of the Miss Universe competition, will unfold on May 16, 2021, at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, US. In the meantime, contestants from 74 countries are getting ready with their outfits to participate in the pageant.

Last year, the Miss Universe pageant was postponed due to a pandemic. But this time, the participants are allowed to show the judges what they’ve got from their countries.

The show of costumes….

On May 14, all of the participants gathered at the venue to model their costumes in the run-up to the preliminary competition. And that was a big event as the world got a glimpse of the contestants going to participate in what is termed as the biggest beauty contest of the universe.

The show was one of the many rounds of the competition that the participants are judged ahead of the final round that will be held on the night of May 16, Sunday. And only 21 of the luckiest contestants would make their way to the final round that will go air live at 8 p.m. ET on FYI. For Spanish viewers, it will be available on Telemundo.

Hosts of the competition….

Mario Lopez, the host of Miss Universe 2007, will host the competition with Olivia Culpo, the winner of the Miss Universe 2012 title. Also, the centerstage will be adorned by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi his performance.

Let’s go to the show….

Since it is the biggest show of beauty, the ladies try attractive eyeballs with their costumes, facial features, and acts. And this year, they have something special to show. While most ladies were seen in the traditional ensembles of the regions they belong to, some … Read more

Tyler Perry Pens An Emotional Note About Weight Loss


Tyler Perry was just perfect for the role of Madea, the rambunctious-but-loveable grandmother. He’s 6’6” height and a solid 255 pounds weight made him the right person to wear the shoes of Madea, who’s slightly overweight because she loves eating a variety of food but never does workout. But in reality, Tyler Perry is just the opposite of that character.

Tyler Perry lost weight for Hollywood roles….

He lost 30 pounds to fit into a Hollywood character and had been able to keep the weight off. Also, he added more muscles to his body. His morning circuits last almost an hour and include cardio and various types of strength-building exercises. And he has a personal trainer to assist him in all those activities.

Tyler Perry also practices Krav Maga. It is an Israeli martial art that he learned for fight scenes in a movie and now he regularly practices this form of martial arts. His recent Instagram pics show how much Tyler Perry works to keep fit and healthy.

He becomes nostalgic about his weight loss goal….

Tyler Perry said that it he18 lbs short of his goal but he wished to stay on that. It was very difficult to lose weight after 40 but it was so worth it. He said that weight loss keeps a doctor away and advises that people shouldn’t let anything keep them from being healthy and strong.

He wished his mother had fought back. His mother developed diabetes when she was 40 and diet at 64. He said that people shouldn’t let that happen to them by fighting back.

Tyler Perry first felt the need for losing weight to fit into the shoes of titular homicide detective in the upcoming movie Alex Cross. … Read more

Dolly Parton Performs “Coats Of Many Colors” In Dollywood’s Annual Flower And Food Festival 2021


Dolly Parton was invited to Dollywood as the theme park opened its gates to mark the revitalization of businesses in Tennessee amid the pandemic. Also, it was a moment of celebration of its annual flower and food festival, and this year Dollywood honored Parton’s mother with a colorful statue made of flowers.

Pigeon Forge rejoiced the reopening of Dollywood

The 150-acre tourist destination witnessed the 74-year music icon joining “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts to mark the 36th season of the park and to honor the “Coat of Many Colors” that symbolizes the significance of Dolly Parton’s parents. It is a flower-filled statue dedicated to Parton’s mother.

Dolly Parton’s emotional explanation of her parents

She said that her mother had a greater impact on her growing up. She even performed a song of the same name with a rainbow-colored guitar. She was really emotional and took a lot of pictures on seeing the statue for the first time.

Dolly said that she saw brochures of the festival but was totally surprised to see the statue. She said she was thinking about her mom after seeing the statue. She said that the coat carried her so fat that she started thinking about who her parents were, who she was a person, and what kind of a mother she was blessed to have.


Dolly Parton’s role in developing a coronavirus vaccine

Vanderbilt University was very thankful to Dolly Parton who helped them with 1 million dollars in a grant to develop a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus disease.

The seven-figure donation helped the university researchers in conducting clinical trials for developing the Moderna vaccine. In April, Dolly Parton announced that she had received her second dose of the vaccine. She … Read more

Taylor Swift’s First Brit Awards 2021 And Her Sequined Crop Top


Taylor Swift is set to make it at Brits this year as she has been selected for the Global Icon Award 2021. But the real surprise is that she has become the first woman and the first non-English woman to receive this prestigious award. Earlier the award went to Elton John (2014), David Bowie (2016), and Robbie Williams (2017).

Taylor Swift dazzled her fans with her dress….

More than the award, it was her dress that created ripples on social media. Her Instagram picture gave a glimpse of the sequined crop top, the singer/songwriter will put on for the award ceremony. It seemed that she wanted to elicit the response of her fans before going for the award.

It was a different dress….

It is a midriff-baring matching set by Miu Miu but the designer has kept the design unique. But it is inspired by the crop-top-and-skirt combos that the pop phenom, 31, preferred during the 80s-tinged fifth studio album.

Also, Taylor Swift paired the dress with long, sleek waves reminiscent of the dresses she put on in her “Red” era. This dress looks completely different from her previous designs. It is a sparkling ensemble with jewels from big names including Jessica McCormack, Sophie Bille Brahe, Ananya, Astley Clarke, and Jessie Thomas.

She threw a question with her dress….

Taylor Swift kept her fans guessing about her new dress. They wanted to know whether the singer was going to drop a new album or her designer dress was any hint of her latest album.

Taylor Swift looks gorgeous in the designer dress….

Her full image on a red carpet and BRIT Awards 2021 in the background attracts eyeballs. Her sequined dress looks complete with her makeup and hairstyle. Her … Read more

Annamarie Tendler Wished Good Luck To John Mulaney After Their Divorce


John Mulaney and Annamarie Tendler have separated after six years of marriage but the reasons for the split aren’t clear yet. Also, the news about their split was shared by a representative for John.

But Annamarie Tendler is heartbroken….

“I am heartbroken,” said Annamarie to People Magazine. She said the news that John had decided to end their marriage had broken her from the heart. But she still has a love for him. She said that she wished John support and success as he continued his recovery.

John is recovering from a relapse….

John is seeking medical intervention in a rehab facility. He was admitted to the facility in December after relapsing following a decades-long battle with alcohol addiction. In February, he was asked to continue his sobriety work as an outpatient after he completed his 60-day rehab stay. According to a source, John was doing well as an outpatient but he had no plans to return to work at that time.

His fans knew he was struggling with addiction….

The comedy star has openly discussed his struggles with addiction at different times and through different platforms. He had also struggled with sobriety in the past and the present issue surfaced due to the pandemic. The source said that he was on board with his recovery and he was not fighting against rehab.

John became addicted at the tender age of 13….

He had just entered into the teens when tasted alcohol for the first time. And it worked wonders for him as he said that he felt more confident and humorous. He further said that he drank alcohol for attention. At 12, he didn’t know how to act and then he started drinking and became hilarious. The 38-year-old … Read more

Mark Miller Wanted To Make A Movie On Jupiter’s Legacy With Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn


Jupiter’s Legacy TV series is finally premiered on Netflix but the big question is, whether it would be able to challenge Marvel’s onscreen adventures.

Let’s see what the creator of the series Mark Millar has to share about the series….

Mark Millar started said that he’d just done Marvel’s biggest books like Kick-Ass and that he knew that if he was to do another superhero story, it had to be the greatest superhero story of all time.

So, Millar was aware of the competition prior to creating Jupiter’s Legacy….

Jupiter’s Legacy has started streaming on Netflix from Friday in a crowded market. There’re Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and TV series with a long list of superpowered series and sequels. And Millar was aware of the crowd and the competition in the market even before he conceived the original comic.

Mark Miller shares his secret….

What made Miller confident about the success of his new superhero comic was his association with Marvel and DC. He had the credit to work on The Ultimates and Civil War comics, both of which became the foundation stone for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He said that writing for Marvel’s comics connected him to a large audience that he could siphon off. And it is the secret of his success. He was confident that his new comic could taste success and it did exactly what he had conceived.

Kick-Ass and Kingsman increased the worth of his Millerworld production company to £25 million ($31 million). Netflix bought it at this price in 2017.

Miller further said that his work for Marvel and DC was like a training time for writing Jupiter’s Legacy. The story starts from 1929 with the history of super characters and continues with more … Read more