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PM Modi To Address 50,000 Indian-Americans Jointly With US President Trump

According to English news headlines, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump are going to create history on September 22 by jointly addressing more than 50,000 Indian-Americans in a joint rally at NRG Stadium in Houston.

What is this event?

PM Modi is going to address the Indian-American community in a mega Houston event “Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams” organized by a non-profit Texas India Forum. It is a newly formed body of Indian-American organizations in the US.

What is the significance of the event?

It is the third major address by PM Modi and first after his reelection as Prime Minister. He first addressed Indian-Americans in 2014 at the Madison Square Garden in New York and the second time in 2016 in the Silicone Valley. Both the events were attended by 20,000 audience. But the third one on September 22 is going to be big with 50,000 audience have already registered for the event.

Modi Trump joint rally

Both the leaders displayed bonhomie by announcing the joint rally. Also, it would be the third meeting between the two leaders. The earlier … Read the rest


A Cargo Ship With 4000 Hyundai Kia Cars Capsizes In The Coast Of Georgia

The latest in English news headlines is about a cargo ship with over 4000 cars on boardcapsized close to Georgia cost in America. Also, the ship caught fire after turning down but all the 20 crew members in the vessel were saved by a rescue party.

Who is the owner of the ship?

It is Golden Ray and this cargo ship belongs to a South Korean company Hyundai Glovis. The ship was used to transport cars. It left Brunswick Port of America with 4000 Hyundai Kia cars but soon start tilting to a side. According to port officials, they didn’t find any problem during loading of the vehicles. The captain of the ship sent emergency signals when the 80% of the vessel was tilted.

About Golden Ray

The cargo ship is 656 ft long and it weighs approximately 71,000 ton. The vessel was launched in 2017 and it can transport 6,933 cars at … Read the rest


Google Doodle Shows Hans Christian Gram Discovering Gram Stain On His 166th Birth Anniversary

Google celebrates the 166th Birth Anniversary of Hans Christian Gram, Danish bacteriologist, noted for developing Gram stain. The stain technique developed by Gram is used to differentiate bacterial species even after more than a century.

Hans Christian Gram

Born on September 13, 1853, discovered stain technique while working with German microbiologist Karl Friedlander in Berlin in 1884. He noted that staining bacteria makes it easy to classify bacterial species. He classified bacteria in Gram-positive and Gram-negative.

Gram’s career

A noted scholar, Gram earned his MD from the University of Copenhagen in 1878 and. He started teaching pharmacology and in 1891 and was appointed professor at the University of Copenhagen. But he resigned from the chair in pharmacology in 1900 to become a professor of medicine.

Google’s Doodle on Gram

Created by Danish guest artist Mikkel Sommer, the Doodle spells each letter of Google to represent Gram carrying out his experiment.

The letter “G” is Gram staining bacteria; letters “OO” are made round glasses on the face of Gram; letter “G” becomes a microscope classifying the bacteria and letters “LE” represent … Read the rest


Jack Ma Returns Back To Home After 20-Years In Alibaba

Today’s latest trending news is from Hong Kong where Jack Ma, the co-founder of Ali Baba, has finally decided to give up the reins of Ali Baba Group Holding Ltd. after a spectacular stint at world’s largest growing ecommerce business.

Jack Ma steps down on his 55th birthday

It is only after amassing a wealth of $41.8 billion that the former English teacher Jack Ma resigned from the post of Executive Chairman of China’s largest company. His journey from working from his apartment in 1999 to becoming a jet-setting e-commerce mogul in 2019mirror’s China’s economic growth to become world’s no. 2.


Jack Ma along with the co-founders of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. built a B2B marketplace worth $460 billion that competes with world’s best including EBay Inc. and Inc. Alibaba owns the largest cloud computing business and operates a logistics network delivering millions of parcels every day. Jack Ma will handover the business to finance maven Daniel Zhang.

Jack Ma history

Once an English teacher, Jack Ma never thought of creating an empire that he owns today. Today, he is the second richest … Read the rest


Christie’s Proceeds With Sale Of Tutankhamun Statue Ignoring Egyptian Outcry

British auction house Christie’s auctioned a rate bust of Tutankhamun amid allegations from the former EgyptianMinister of State for Antiquities Affairs Dr.ZahiHawass.

The artefact

It was a rare quartzite bust of boy king as the god Amen that came for auction and was sold at a staggering price of STG4.7 million ($A8.4 million). However, the starting bid was of STG3m ($A5.4m).


Egyptian experts including the former minister who is himself a renowned archaeologist and Egyptologist. It was alleged that the rare bust of Tutankhamun was stolen from Egypt. But Christie’s clarified remain firm on the auction.


Christie’s stated that the it has no doubts about the origin of the historical artefact and that the rare bust was never a subject of investigation anywhere in the world.

The Christie’s further clarified its role of providing a transparent and legitimate market to historic objects. It recognized that sale of rare objects could spur complex discussions but it strengthened its position by saying that it upheld the highest standards for transfer of such objects.


Christie’s took strong cognizance to the … Read the rest


Portugal Qualifies For Euro 2020 With Ronaldo’s Superb Performance

European champions Portugal beat Serbia in Euro 2020 qualifying Group Bmatch by 4-2. William Carvalho, Goncalo Guedes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bernardo Silva made goals but it was Cristiano Ronaldo that emerged as start player.

According to the latest trending news, the Portuguese team reached the second place in the group. It earned 5-points in three games but it is 8-points behind the runaway leader Ukraine who scored 13-points in three matches. Luxembourg holds the third-place and Serbia slipped to fourth-place.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He looked subdued in the first half after receiving a hostile reception at Red Star stadium. Serbian fans jeered at him every time he touched the ball but he gave a stunning performance despite the antagonistic response from the Serbian crowd. The Serbian team and its fans tasted the football of the class Ronaldo belongs to in the 80th minute of the game when he shot the ball into the net. This goal sealed the match for Serbia that gave up soon.

Coach Fernando Santos

He steered Portugal to the Euro 2016 title in France and also in the National League in … Read the rest