PM Modi’s Will Address The Nation On COVID-19 Outbreak

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will discuss the coronavirus outbreak and the steps taken to combat its further spread during his address to the nation at 8 pm today. He took the decision after chairing a high-level meeting to review the efforts to contain COVID-19.

PM Modi’s address to the nation

India has over 150 coronavirus cases and three deaths – Delhi, Mumbai and Karnataka. The government has decided to spread awareness about the issue and sensitize the people.

Result of the meeting

The participants discussed ways to strengthen the preparedness to battle the outbreak. It also included increasing the testing facilities. The government is seriously considering involving private laboratories in its efforts. The Health Ministry said that the situation was evolving and that the government was ready for every eventuality.

Indian Council for Medical Research (ICRM) is the nodal agency responsible for monitoring the preparedness for battling COVID-19. It has been directed to look for ways to involve private laboratories for boosting testing facilities.

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How to stay safe from COVID-19?

Together with China, India is also suffering from novel coronavirus. After China, the virus is wreaking havoc in different parts of the globe. However, it is under control in India right now and the stakeholders are spreading awareness about COVID-19. But there are more rumours than information.

Things to do to prevent coronavirus

• Practice personal hygiene

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub

• Keep washing hands even when they look clean

• Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or tissue paper while coughing and sneezing

• Dispose off the used tissue safely

• Maintain a safe distance(1 meter/3 feet) from others especially those with flu-like symptoms

• Sneeze on the inner-side of the elbow and not on palms

• Monitor your body temperature and respiratory symptoms especially when feeling unwell. Wear a face mask while visiting a doctor

What not to do with coronavirus

• Avoid shaking hands

• Stay away, if you have flu-like symptoms

• Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth

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United Way Creating Pandemic Response Fund To Fight COVID-19

The United Way of Miami is working with funders to create a fund to help combat the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19. The President & CEO Maria Alonso of this nonprofit said in an email that the organization was working with funders to activate a Miami-Dade Pandemic Response Fund to help individuals, organizations and charities.

Maria Alonso explained the fund

He said that the fund would be used to allocated resources to those battling the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways from short-term impacts to long-term resilience of the community. The community invited hundreds of seniors to identify people that need home meal-delivery services. The organization is also working Miami-Dade County Public Schools with the district’s meal outreach.

The volunteers and staffers of the organization provide help in sorting, packing and handout meals to students and families of different schools including Comstock Elementary School, Miami MacArthur Educational Center, North Miami Elementary School and Santa Clara Elementary School.

Also, the United Way has created a web page for convenience of its users. The page will provide information about volunteer needs. Also, it will allow people to sing up for volunteer service for future … Read the rest

West Bengal Reporting First COVID-19 Case Takes Total Tally To 142

After 142 coronavirus cases and 3 deaths, the government has stopped people coming from infected nations including European Union, Malaysia, Philippines and Afghanistan. Also, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has started exploring possibility of testing people with no travel history. ICMR is also considering including private laboratories for mass testing.

Highlights of the story

• West Bengal got its first COVID-19 case when a man arrived from England was tested positive in Kolkata airport. He was immediately admitted to infectious diseases hospital.

• Maharashtra with 39 COVID-19 cases is still the worst hit state in India.

• The man who died in Mumbai recently came from Dubai on March 5. He was admitted to a private hospital for respiratory problems but test positive for coronavirus. His wife is also infected with virus but she is stable.

• In Noida, two more people are tested positive for coronavirus. In Ladakh, three more coronavirus patients took the toll to 6.

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British Study Predicts 22 Million Dying Of Coronavirus In US And 5 Million In Britain

A crucial projection study by Neil Ferguson, a professor of mathematical biology at Imperial College London prompted the British government to impose more stringent measures to contain COVID-19 outbreak.

Study on COVID-19

The study compares the coronavirus epidemic with the devastating flue of 1918 and draws strong parallels between the two outbreaks. The report paints a worse picture of COVID-19. Based on data collected from Italy that is the worst hit country after China, the report predicts about half a million deaths in Britain and 2.2 million in the US, if no mitigating measures are taken at all.

The report further says that even the government’s previous measures – home isolation of suspects – could result in 250,000 deaths and the health system crumbling under the pressure. But the new measures by the British government could flatten the peak.

Britain announces new measures to curb COVID-19

Prime Minister Boris Johnson closed down social life to save the world’s fifth largest economy from the outbreak. Also, people over 70-years with health issues are advised to go in isolation. People are advised to follow social distancing by avoiding clubs, pubs and theaters. … Read the rest

What Are Different Stages Of Coronavirus Outbreak?

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said that India was at the second stage of coronavirus pandemic. At this stage, there’s no fear of community transmission.

Stage 2 of coronavirus outbreak

ICMR Director General Balram Bhargava explained that India was on Stage 2 of the outbreak and not on Stage 3 where there was fear of community outbreak. Also, Mr. Bhargava hoped that Stage 3 would never arrive in India.

He further said that preventing the outbreak from reaching to Stage 3 depended on India’s response like closing borders and proactive stage. But he said that it was difficult to say that community transmission won’t happen.

Different stages of an outbreak

Stage 1: Transmission is imported from foreign nations through air traffic.

Stage 2: Local transmission starts after people start coming into contact with affected persons. For example, family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues of infected persons are tested positive for the infection.

In local transmission, the virus spread remains limited to certain pockets. Since its source is visible, it is easier to contain the virus at this level as … Read the rest