Republic Day 2020: Indian Republic Turns 71st Today

The entire country celebrated the 71st Republic Day on 26th January. The whole world witnessed the military might of India in the grand Republic Day parade on the Rajpath. The parade reflects unity and integrity in the cultural diversity of the country.

Republic Day celebrations

The Republic Day is celebrated to commemorate the establishment of the Republic of India on 26th January 1950. Also, it is a tribute to the freedom fighters that laid their lives fighting the British colonialism and to make India free country. The country remembers those freedom fighters and displays its social, economic and military might to the world through Republic Day parade.


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Beating Retreat Excluding Vande Mataram

The military will continue with the tradition of playing “Abide with me” tune on grand Beating Retreat ceremony on 29 January to mark the conclusion of the Republic Day celebrations.

Beating Retreat ceremony

It is a musical ending of Republic Day celebrations by the three bands of the armed forces – army, navy and air force. Every year, the army bands play “Abide with me” at Vijay Chowk on 29 January since 1950 and it would follow the tradition this year too.

Earlier there were rumours of the army bands replacing “Abide with me” with VandeMatram but there is no official notification from the army. Also, it became clear on the rehearsal on Friday that the army bands would continue with the tradition of playing “Abide with me” tune.

Abide with me

Written in the early 19th century by Henry Francis Lyle and composed in 1861 by William Henry Monk, it was Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite Christian hymn. Also, it was a favourite of King George V of England. Also, the hymn was played at the annual Anzac Day services in Australia and New Zealand and at the associated military remembrance day celebrations in Canada and the UK. But it was … Read the rest


Wuhan Virus Claims 41 Lives; With Over 1,000 People Infected, 14 Cities Locked Down

The deadly virus outbreak in China has already claimed 41 lives with 15 new fatalities reported by authorities on Saturday. It was further reported that over 1,000 people are infected from the virus.

China virus spread

The new fatalities due to the deadly virus were reported from provincial capital of Wuhan where the deadly virus first emerged. 11 lack residents of Wuhan and millions of 13 more cities are facing quarantine like situation because the cities have been locked down to contain the spread of deadly respiratory contagion that has already spread nationwide and to several other countries.

New cases emerged

So far, 180 new cases have been reported and they will take the national tally of 830 confirmed cases to above 1,000. Also, most of the new cases are from Wuhan but what is more worrying is bulk of the rest of the cases is from the smaller cities outside the locked down cities.

Difficult time for China

The country is passing through the worst phase in history because millions of people are travelling within and outside the country for major Lunar New Year holiday. And this mass movement has increased the risk of further spreading of the virus.… Read the rest


National Voters’ Day 2020: Five Important Things Voters Must Know

Every year, National Voters’ Day is celebrated on January 25 with the objective of educating the youth to vote. Strength of a democracy is its voters and the country where voters are aware about their rights, that country develops as much.

National Voters’ Day started on January 25, 2011

It was decided celebrate National Voters’ Day to educate the voters about their rights and to encourage the youth to come forward for voting. The first time the National Voter’s Day was celebrated in January 25.

Special camps are organized

Every year on the first January and before the National Voters’ Day, the Election Commission of India organizes special camps to settle issues related to voters.

Systematic VotersEducation

The Election Commission started Systematic Voters Education to inform the voters about their rights and increase their participation in elections. In 2009, the commission launched a special program to increase electoral participation.

Campaign to aware new voters

The Election Commission makes new voters aware through campaigns and programs for voters especially youth so that they increase their participation in elections.

New voter card

The EC gives voter cards to new voters every year on 25th January. According to the commission, millions of voters … Read the rest


The President Of India Shri Ramnath Kovind Would Tweet With A Tricolor India Gate Emoji

Twitter launched a new emoji to mark the momentous occasion of the 71st Republic Day of India. The micro-blogging site has made a Tricolor India Gate as the nation gears up for Republic Day celebrations.

Tricolor India Gate emoji

The especially designed emoji shows the India Gate lit up in tricolor as if it is paying homage to the grand Republic Day parade on Rajpath. Twitter said that the emoji would be live until January 30, 2020 and it would be available in English and ten Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu and Gurmukhi.

Twitter’s Republic Day celebrations

This is fifth-time that Twitter is celebrating the Republic Day with an emoji. Earlier, it had supported other important days and festivals like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and Diwali. Also, it came out in support of social issues and big events from time to time.

Twitter India’s Mahima Kaul, Director, Public Policy, India and South Asia, said that they believed that the 2020 Republic Day emoji would resonate with Indians across languages, cultures and time zones providing them yet another reason, and way to celebrate and participate in public conversation.

The President of India would use

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China Sealed Wuhan To Contain The Threat Of Coronavirus Outbreak

China has put Wuhan under quarantine after the outbreak of deadly coronavirus claimed 17 lives and infected 500 people. The outbreak started in Wuhan that was called “the main battlefield” against the disease.

Outward flights and trains from the city had been suspended, subways halted and large public gatherings cancelled. Also, the doctors were busy treating patients with full-body protective suits.

Wuhan outbreak

The city was a major transport hub and a seafood market visited by millions of people every day. But what is more worrisome is that some people that visited Wuhan were seen in the US and some Asian countries.

The government has clamped curfew on the movement of transport systems and people who are ordered not to move out of their homes without specific reasons.

The notice said that it was necessary to effectively cut off the virus spread and guarantee health and safety of the people. And the decision came at a time when millions of people were planning to travel across China for the Lunar New Year holiday starting Friday. But there was a ban on all group tours by tourism and cultural department of the city. It would remain in effect until 8th February.… Read the rest