Liz Truss Said She Went Too Far Too Fast On Economic Reforms

Liz Truss choose to apologize for going “too far too fast” on reforms that triggered economic turmoil for Britain and led to over 100 Tory MPs expressing no confidence in the Truss government. But her apologies failed to calm the dissatisfaction.


• Liz Truss withdrew the tax cuts unveiled last month
• Jeremy Hunt is made the new finance chief replacing Kwasi Kwarteng
• The opposition Labor Party held the ruling Tory Party for the chaos

What Did Liz Truss Say In Her Defense?

An embattled Truss appeared defensive while offering her apologies for the quick economic decisions her government took to contain the economic situation of the country.

She told the BBC that she wanted to accept responsibility and say sorry for the mistakes that had been made. She accepted that her government went too far and too fast on the economic reforms. She further maintained that she was committed to delivering for the country.

What Were Those Economic Reforms?

Liz Truss Said Economic Reforms

Jeremy Hunt was brought in to undo the economic reforms started by sacked finance chief Kwasi Kwarteng. And Hunt scrapped the plans to reduce the lowest income tax. He even curbed the government’s flagship energy price freeze till April after which the government will review the energy support package. Hunt also met the governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, and the head of the Debt Management Office for talks over tax reforms.

What Do Experts Call The New Economic Reforms?

The tax-slashing platform on which Liz Truss was elected Tory leader on Monday is called Trussonomics by analysts. Laura Suter, head of personal finance at stockbroker AJ Bell, said that Monday’s … Read the rest

Liz Truss Is Facing A No Confidence Motion For This Reason

Conservative Party is facing discontent from hundreds of its members of parliament (MPs) who want to oust Liz Truss due to her failure on several fronts, especially economic. They have submitted letters of no confidence in Truss to Graham Brady, the head of the Conservative Party’s committee which organizes the leadership contest.


• Liz Truss is facing no-confidence motion from her party’s MPs
• Conservative Party wants to allow Truss to present the budget on October 31
• Removing Truss could trigger general elections

What Is The No Confidence Motion Against Liz Truss?

No Confidence Motion Against Liz Truss

According to Daily Mail, Liz Truss has lost the confidence of Conservative Party lawmakers that have approached Graham Brady with their letters of no confidence in Truss. They want Brady to tell Truss that “her time is up” or to allow an immediate vote of no confidence in her leadership. And they aren’t averse to changing the political party rules to achieve the objective.

How Is Conservative Party Dealing With The Situation?

The situation is getting more problematic despite warnings that a change of guard at this moment could trigger a general election. Graham Brady is resisting the move by putting the argument that the Liz Truss government including the newly appointed Chancellor Jeremy Hunt should be given an opportunity to set out economic strategy in a budget on 31 October.

Britain is engulfed in a political crisis since it voted out of the European Union in 2016. The country has lost three prime ministers since then. Liz Truss who won the Conservative Party leadership on the promise of slashing taxes last month is alleged to have ditched key parts of the programme.

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ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 Winner Will Get USD 1.6 Million

Ahead of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 starting on Sunday in Australia, ICC shared a pic of “Captain’s Day” with all captains in one frame on its official Twitter handle. The picture was taken when the skippers talked to the media about their respective teams and preparations.


• Captain’s Day pic showing all 16 captains of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 squad goes viral
• The total price of the tournament is USD 5.6 million
• The final match of the tournament will be played on 13 November in Melbourne

What Is The Captain’s Day Picture?

The picture shows all 16 captains sharing the dais ahead of the tournament. The captains are allowed to speak to the media before the campaign begins. They discuss the structures of their respective teams and tell how their preparations are going for the tournament.

What Is The Schedule Of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022?

Schedule Of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022

The campaign will start on Sunday with Sri Lanka taking on Namibia in the qualifiers. The Super 12 stage will begin on 22 October with Australia squaring off New Zealand. The arch-rivals India and Pakistan will show their might at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 23 October.

Namibia, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Scotland, the West Indies, and Zimbabwe will play in the first round starting on 16 October.

Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa will start their tournament at the Super 12 stage.

What Is The Total Price Value Of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022?

The total price for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 is … Read the rest

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Said This On 5G Technology

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the 5G infrastructure launched in India was developed in the country and India was ready to share the technology with others. Ms Sitharaman made this big revelation about 5G technology during an interaction with students at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).


• India developed 5G technology said Ms Sitharaman
• She accepted that some parts were imported from other countries
• The country is ready to share its 5G technology with others

What Did Union FM Nirmala Sitharaman Say About 5G Technology?

FM Nirmala Sitharaman Say About 5G Technology

The FM was interacting with students at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) when one of the students asked her about the 5G technology launched in India. And Ms Sitharaman was quick in answering that 5G was an indigenous technology.

The story of India’s 5G was to reach the public said Ms Sitharaman. The 5G that the government had launched in the country was completely standalone was her response to the question.

But Ms Sitharaman accepted that there could be some parts imported from countries like South Korea but the technology wasn’t borrowed from a foreign country. She said that 5G was completely indigenous technology and they can provide 5G technology to anyone interested in it.

Also, Ms Sitharaman didn’t forget to feel proud of India developing its 5G infrastructure when she said that on 5G, she thought, they can be immensely proud of India’s achievements.

The 5G technology was recently launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The service is presently available in selected cities but it will soon be available throughout the country.


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India Remained Absent During Voting On A UNGA Resolution On Russia?

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a resolution condemning the annexation of Ukrainian regions by Moscow. The resolution was passed with 143 members voting in favor while five voted against it.


• UNGA passed a resolution condemning the annexation of Ukrainian regions by Russia
• 143 members voted for the resolution by India remained absent from voting
• Earlier India rejected a similar resolution on Monday

What Was The Latest Resolution?

The UNGA members with zero veto power adopted a resolution condemning the annexation of Ukrainian regions by Russia on Wednesday. The resolution had 143 votes in its favor while five voted against it and 35 members including India remained absent from voting.

Voting On A UNGA Resolution On Russia

Why Was The Resolution Moved?

On Monday, Russia called for a secret ballot on a similar draft condemning its “attempted illegal annexation” of Ukrainian territories but was rejected after a fierce clash between Ukraine and Russia in the assembly. India also voted out of the resolution.

After this rejection, Albania moved another proposal for an open vote that received 170 votes in favor, 13 voted against it, and 39 abstentions. But 24 members including China, Iran, and Russia didn’t vote. India supported the proposal.

What Are The Regions Annexed By Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the documents announcing the formal annexation of four regions – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia – by Moscow in the last week of September.


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X2 Becomes The First Flying Car To Fly Amid Full Public View

Chinese electronic vehicle maker Xpeng Inc displayed its “flying car” for the first time in the United Arab Emirates. It was an unmanned vehicle powered by eight propellers two at each corner. The Chinese maker said that it was considering the international launch of its vehicle.


• Chinese flying car makes its first appearance in Dubai
• It is a two-seater aircraft capable of vertical movement
• It will soon be launched on the international market

What Is A Flying Car?

The “flying car” made by Xpeng Inc is a small two-seater aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL). The company calls it X2. The aircraft has two propellers on each corner to support vertical take-off and landing. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the “flying car” will transform city transportation for the better. The company offered X2 as a future mode of transport.

How Was The First Flight Of X2?

First Flight Of X2

The two-seater aircraft X2 did well in the 90-minute flight. Its take-off and landing were smooth and the people were amazed to see a “flying car” for the first time. It was an unmanned flight described as an important step toward developing the next generation of flying cars.

What Did The Manufacturer Say About The Flying Car?

Minguan Qiu, general manager of Xpeng Aeroht said that they were making step-by-step moves to the international market. First, they selected Dubai because it is the most innovative city in the world. But the official disclosed nothing about their plans for the international launch of the aircraft.


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World Mental Health Day 2022: Theme, History, And Significance

Every year October 10 is observed as World Mental Health Day to raise awareness about mental health issues and their effects. It is given a theme every year. In India, the government observes a campaign to educate people about the benefits of mental health.


• India observes Mental Health Awareness Campaign Week celebrate World Mental Health Day
• World Mental Health Day celebrations started on 10 October 1992
• From 1994, this day was given a special theme

World Mental Health Day 2022: Theme

“Make mental health & well-being for all a global priority” is the slogan given for World Mental Health Day 2022. It shows how people are fighting mental stress post-pandemic. According to World Health Organization (WHO), mental issues were affecting one out of eight people before the COVID-19 pandemic. But the pandemic situation followed by the lockdown increased the number of people affected by mental issues considerably. Also, recent armed conflicts among nations and communal violence in societies further escalated the problem.

World Mental Health Day 2022: India Celebrations

In India, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has been celebrating the Mental Health Awareness Campaign Week and the World Mental Health Day celebrations will mark the last of the awareness week.

Significance Of World Mental Health Day

Significance Of World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is observed to educate people on various mental health issues so they stay alert from such issues that can make their lives difficult. Also, it encourages mental health professionals to discuss their work to educate people on how they can provide care and support people suffering from mental health issues.

History Of World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day 2022

World Federation for … Read the rest

IAF Day 2022: Celebrations Over Sukhna Lake

Indian Air Force is completing its 90 years of service on 8 October which is also its raising day. It came into service on 8 October 1932 as Indian Air Force and worked as an auxiliary air force to the British Empire. Post-independence, it was retained as Indian Air Force.


• Indian Air Force celebrates its raising day on 8 October every year
• Celebrations include a parade and fly-past from Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh
• It is the first time that celebrations will be out of the NCR

What Are The Celebrations Planned For IAF Day?

Indian Air Force will celebrate its raising day out of the capital for the first time. The 90-year celebrations will take place over Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh this afternoon. The celebrations include a parade and fly-past of fighter jets. IAF will fly 75 jets including Tejas, Sukhoi, MIG -29, Jaguar, Rafale, Hawk, and the recently included light combat helicopter (LCH) in the fly-past over Sukhna Lake. President Draupadi Murmu and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will be present on this occasion.

History Of the Indian Air Force?

History Of the Indian Air Force

British government formed Royal Indian Air Force on 8 October 1932 and it continued to serve the British Empire until the independence of India. Post-independence, Royal Indian Air Force was maintained in the name of the Dominion of India. In 1950, when the country became a republic, the government dropped the prefix Royal to make it Indian Air Force. But the raising day is celebrated on 8 October every year.

What Are The Achievements Of the Indian Air Force?

IAF Day 2022

British Empire honored the Indian Air Force with the prefix, Royal, for its services during World War … Read the rest

No Discussion On Rights Situation In China’s Xinjiang At UN

A draft resolution in the UN Human Rights Council on holding a debate on the situation of human rights in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China was rejected with 19 members voting against it and 11 abstentions including India.


• A core group including Canada and USA presented a draft resolution to the UN Human Rights Council
• China voted against the resolution and India abstained from voting
• Human rights groups have been sounding alarms over detention of Uyghurs by China

What Are Human Rights Violations Against China?

Human Rights Violations Against China

Human rights groups want to draw the attention of the world towards the condition of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region of the resource-rich north-eastern province of China for years. It is alleged that over one million Uyghurs have been kept in detention camps against their will. But Beijing calls them re-education camps.

What Was The Draft Resolution Presented By Core Countries?

A core group of Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the UK, and the USA presented a draft resolution to 47 members Human Rights Council to discuss the situation of Uyghurs in China. The draft was co-sponsored by a range of states, including Turkey.

But the resolution was voted out by 19 members including China voting against it and 11 abstentions including India, Brazil, Mexico, and Ukraine. Only 17 members voted in favor of the resolution.

What Did China Director At Human Rights Watch Say On The Rejection?

China director at Human Rights Watch, Sophie Richardson, said that the council’s failure to adopt the resolution was an abdication of responsibility and betrayal of Uyghur victims. He talked about his report and urged incoming … Read the rest

5G Services Are Available In These Cities

The 5G services have been launched by network providers in selected cities. And it will take them some time to cover the entire country. While Jio promises 5G services by December 2023, Bharti Airtel will do it by March 2024.

10 Highlights Of 5G Services

5G Services
  1. Jio 5G services are available in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi, and Airtel 5G services are started in Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nagpur, and Siliguri.
  2. Users will require 5G handsets but there is no need to replace existing SIM to avail of the 5G services.
  3. In the initial phase, 5G networks will provide data at 600 mbps which is at par with professional computers.
  4. Jio will provide 5G services at 1 GBPS to all its customers under the ‘Beta trial’. But experts say that this speed will be available only very close to the mobile stations.
  5. 5G network will enable users to download a 6GB HD movie in 1 minute 25 seconds and a 4K movie in 3 minutes at 600 mbps.
  6. Nokia senior vice president and head of India market Sanjay Malik said that the launch of 5G services would double the average data consumption per user within one and half years.
  7. Indian mobile phone company Lava has announced the cheapest 5G smartphone, LavaBlaze 5G with a 5,000 mAH battery in the price range of ₹ 10,000. It will be launched around Diwali.
  8. Market research and analysis firm TechArc Chief Analyst Faisal Kawoosa said that 5G services would increase the power consumption of mobile devices due to the use of cloud-based applications.
  9. The June 2022 Ericsson Mobility Report shows that 5G services will scale faster than expected and would soon become 40% of all mobile subscriptions by
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