Pakistan faced all-around shock on Article 370: America, Russia, China, and United nations made the distance

PM Modi masterstroke against Pakistan and including Kashmir in India, Pakistan got shocked from international countries as well. In the last statement of Pakistan, Imran Khan said they will take help of the US and other countries on article 370, but all major countries UN, US, Russia, and china decline his proposal and revealed there will be made no change in 370 articles.

Pakistan had to face blow everywhere. On Thursday, the United Nations takes apart from this case whereas Taliban whom he brought up, turned their hopes. China who is known as a dear friend of Pakistan also ruined khan’s hopes.

Russia Foreign Ministry on Saturday

Russia said, whatever the decision made by India on 370 articles on J&K is based on the Indian Constitution. India divided it into two Union territories and changed the face of J&K. The Russian ministry said this decision is based on facts and after the investigation.1

They also said we hope Pakistan and India maintain the peace between their regions and don’t let it worsen. We hope both countries will resolve their differences in mutual trade.

Pakistan’s efforts failed in UN

The Security Council UN rejected the Imran’s request. The UN revealed its statement and saying, the secretary Council prompted India-Pakistan mutual agreement in 1972 known as Simla agreement, the last solution on J&K will be resolute by peaceable means under the UN charter.

Pakistan tried his best to convince the UN, but the UN refused and says both partied to stay calm and resolved their issues, and there will be no change in J&K status.

The US refused Pakistan

The spokesperson of the US says, there has … Read the rest

Trump Threatens Fed Leaders With Removal or Demotion For Not Following His Line

The US President Donald Trump made it clear that he wished the dollar could be weaker in comparison to other countries especially China with which America is at a trade war.

Trump on Dollar

High interest rate of dollar is a cause of concern for Trump because it is making the US companies especially manufacturers to compete with other economies including China. Trump highlighted the gravity of the situation in a series of tweets on Thursday. On one such tweet, he wrote that he wasn’t happy with the dollar strengthening but wished it to be weaker.

Dollar rate cut

The Fed took a strong measure by cutting its key policy rate by a quarter point last week but this step failed to please president Trump who is asking for more. Further rate cut would lower the value of dollar against other currencies but there are other factors at play that can help in lowering the value.

US-China trade war

In the latest exchange of words, the US accused China of devaluing its yuan and called Beijing a currency manipulator. With these accusations, the trade war between the two economic giants goes to next level. The world economy is paying a high price of this trade war.

Fed leaders

Former Fed leaders – Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen – called for protecting the political independence of the central bank. They condemned the move to remove or demote Fed leaders for not following Trump’s line as discouraging for the bank. Meanwhile, the Fed chief Jerome Powell wished that he could complete his term amid threats of removal by president. For more information please … Read the rest

Stay peaceful both India and Pakistan: No Policy will change, US Says!

On Friday, the US out its statement on 370 Article. The US said, no policy will change on Kashmir, and said to India and Pakistan to stay peaceful with each other.

After talked to State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus, a reporter asked about changes on Kashmir policy, NO, replied.

He said Kashmir issue is between two countries India and Pakistan. They have to decide the peace between two countries and there are a scope talks on this issue.

Well, I wouldn’t put this statement here, but there is not, replied to further question on this talk.

We want peace and stability in both countries, and yes we do support as a direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on Article 370 and Kashmir issues, the spokesperson said.

Article 370 evocation

On Monday, India’s government finished 370 article and involved Kashmir in India, to save the heaven of the world and increase the lifestyle of Kashmir folks. Kashmir is now divided into two union territories as Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

The spokesperson said they are closely working with two south Asian countries. We have strong engagement with India and Pakistan.

Past few days, Khan was in Washington, not because of Kashmir but for other issues which we are closely working on. We have lost of issues with India and Pakistan and we’re working on all.

The United States says, we always expect peace and stability from any region of the world, whenever such issues arise. We suggest asking for peoples, stay in rules, and respect human rights and international norms. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Pakistan made a major decision against India: Appends all Mutual Trade

From the past few days, Pakistan is stung by the Modi’s win on Article 370, Pakistan debarred India’s high commissioner Ajay Bisaria, who divides Jammu & Kashmir in two UT of its superior prestige.

The BJP government won with a big margin in both houses of parliament in resolving the article 370 and bind Jammu & Kashmir in India, Pakistan was stung and thought to hit back and came out to dangle all bilateral trades with India.

Pakistan also takes this matter of 370 to United Nations, sources said. Imran Khan starts discussions overs J&K with Trump to play a mediator’s role.

The sources said Imran khan will take this case to the United Nations with Security Council, on its independence day 14 august.

Flashback on Pakistan for Indian Envoy

Last time, Pakistan expelled envoy in 2002 after terror attacks in India, comprising the one on Parliament Ashraf Jehangir Qazi. Well, this did not happen suddenly. At that time, India initially recalled its envoy Vijay Nambiar from Pakistan. Pakistan did not play tit-for-tat that time as like today.

India barred Qazi after the attack on Indian Military camp in May 2002.

Imran Khan appends trade with India and said 15 August a black day

Yesterday, the decisions were released after a meeting with the Security Council by Imran Khan. He said we suspend all diplomatic relations and trade with India. This meeting promised to review all mutual trade with NSC and situation inside J&K as on the line of control. Even the Pakistan army played a major role in this decision.

The sources said Imran Khan wants to chat with trump to renew talks on … Read the rest

Imran Khan Threatens The World With More Pulwamas

Pakistan expressed grave concern over Kashmir. Imran Khan threaten the world that abolition of Article 370 could trigger Pulwama like attacks leading to war between two nuclear states.

Imran Khan addresses joint session of parliament

Speaking at the joint house of parliament, Imran Khan said they he feared that India would strike on Kashmiris harder after aborting Article 370 of the constitution. They would use brute force to suppress the Kashmiri resistance and could go to the length of ethnic cleansing by wiping the local population in Kashmir, said Imran Khan.

Imran Khan on bilateral talks

Pakistani PM said that he had apprehensions about India’s intentions to talk on Kashmir. India never intended to talk and the decision to remove Article 370 wasn’t taken out of Blue but it was part of their election manifesto. BJP election manifesto includes abolition of Article 370.

Imran Khan on future course of action

He said that members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf would travel to the west to meet world leaders and apprise them of the situation in Kashmir and the consequences it could have. He said that the world leadership wasn’t fully aware of the Kashmir developments. The west needed to know what India was doing in Kashmir and with Muslims and other minorities in its own territory, said Imran Khan.

Pakistan leader of opposition on Kashmir development

Shehbaz Sharif, the leader of opposition in National Assembly, called for decision action on Kashmir. He said that Pakistan had two options – to hide or take decisive action to respond India’s actions. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Hong Kong Witnesses Civil War Like Condition On Monday

Hong Kong witnessed mayhem on Monday with defiant protestors hurling bricks and eggs at police and starting fire outside police stations. But they didn’t stop at just attacking police.

After disrupting the traffic on Monday, the protesting crowd moved to public parks and squares in several districts. And nothing including tear gas bombs and rubber bullets could disperse them from public places.

Chief Executive calls the situation dangerous

The Chief Executive Carrie Lam denied reports that she wanted to resign. Lam said that Hong Kong was heading towards a very dangerous situation because the protestors had ulterior motives. And she made it clear that resigning from post or seeking resignation of her colleagues won’t solve the crisis.

Revolution of our time

Eight districts in Hong Kong witnessed catastrophic situation with protestors responding to tear gas and bullet fires with practiced swiftness. They yelled invectives and lobbed the tear gas canisters back at police force.

Since past two months, the anti-government protests were limited only to weekends but Monday’s protest brought Hong Kong to a halt. They did so to gather attention of world media and press for their demands.

The protestors called police “Gangsters” and yelled “Reclaim Hong Kong” in what they call “revolution of our time”.

Rush hour strike

Protestors started early to disrupt the Monday working. Trains were blocked, platforms locked and emergency alarms activated. According to airport authority, the protests led to as many as 77 flights cancelled. There were people who weren’t part of protests and demanded a break from this mayhem. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Amit Shah Says J&K is underdeveloped country, He Builds as Hindutva Icon

Yesterday, the BJP hard work of Modi and Amit Shah has been proved in Rajya Sabha. The article 35A and 370 has finished now. J&K folks can enjoy the legal rights and status of Kashmiri freely.

Amit Shah strengthens as Hindutva icon with standing next to Narendra Modi. He was focused to end the J&K quo status. Shah was persuaded, it was legally achievable, and thrown the rights of variations activating outbreaks

By addressing P Chidambaram’s argument, he said might his historical decision not passed by judicial, and answering the Vaiko’s warning in a debate, Kashmir is becoming KOSOVO. KUCH NAHI HOGA, He said.

Amit Shah won 125 votes in Rajya Sabha

Article 370 has to finish. This becomes the stone in the development of J&K for a long time around 70 years. The condition of j& k people would worsen. Kashmir is the heaven of India, and we need to remain it.

Rajya Sabha approved 370 article abolish, and consider it as new UT of India. This debate has won by shah by 125 votes.

He said gain, by targeting on congress, article 370 was the biggest stone in the development of Kashmir. We would hope this will turn as better for the youth of Kashmir. Give us 5 years and we will change the J&K as most developed UT in India. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Why Article 35 A is a delicate Issue in Kashmir

According to the Indian constitution, Article 35 A is a legal right of Jammu & Kashmir that allows deciding permanent residents in the state. This includes special rights for government jobs, buying real estate, scholarships, and many more.

This article becomes the delicate issue because PM Modi has decided to make a big move and change the rules grated in this Article to the Jammu & Kashmir. Article 35A and Article 370 are the two provisions in emphasis.

Well, the opposition parties of BJP has been considering this as an election strategy. Article 35A is special legal right offers to Jammu & Kashmir on article 370.

This article allows the legal right to everyone who lives in the state or marries within the state. If any man or woman marry outside the state, the rights of his/her lose. In 2002. The high court held that if a woman marries out the state she will not lose her rights.

Who proposed article 35A?

The Article 35A was proposed by President Rajendra Prasad on the advice of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1954.

Why BJP stand on Article 35A?

The BJP government feels it is a major drawback or obstacle of Jammu & Kashmir state in less development. Our aim is only to prove peace in this state. We have made all obligatory efforts to maintain peace in the state with deceiving actions and policies. We also provide entire financial help to the state and its regions.

What opposition says?

The opposition and J& K parties take this as election manifesto. They say this article protects the jobs and legal rights of their citizens. For more information please visit … Read the rest

Kashmir Live: A Decision Could Be Taken At Union Cabinet Meeting Tomorrow

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is set to introduce the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Second Amendment) Bill, 2019 in Rajya Sabha on Monday. The Home Minister is currently holding an urgent meeting with NSA AjitDoval and Home Secretary Rajiv Guaba in his office in parliament.

What is J&K Bill 2019?

The Union Government wats to implement 10% weaker section quota in Jammu and Kashmir. The bill is aimed at finalizing modalities of implementing the bill.

Security situation in Kashmir

The fear of repealing of Article 35A is prevalent in the northern state with major political parties seeking clarification from the Union Government that no decision would be taken in haste. J&K Governor Satyapal Malik has assured the political parties and the residents again and again that nothing would be done secretly.

Governor’s stand on the Kashmir situation

The governor met a delegation of PDP and NC and assured the leaders of safety of the residents and maintaining the special status of the norther state. But at the same time, he said that the people should wait until parliament meets on Monday as the Union Government is only authorized to make any statement on 35A. But he assured that no secret decision is taken on Kashmir and nothing would happen without the consent of parliament.

Government advisory in Kashmir

Tourists and travelers are advised to leave the state ASAP. The government has made arrangements for taking the tourists out to safety. IAF planes are pressed into service to help Air India in providing quick and safe exit to visitors. The national carrier has reduced the ticket prices to and from Srinagar to Rs. 9,500 till Independence … Read the rest

Boris Johnson Moves On After Losing UK By-Election To Pro-EU Liberal Democrats

Prime Minister Boris Johnson received a blow to his Brexit campaign in a fresh election for the parliamentary set of Brecon and Radnorhsire. Britain’s pro-European Union Liberal Democrats won the election with 13,826 votes.

Brecon Election

Brecon seat was earlier held by Conservative lawmaker Chris Davies but he was ousted for being convicted for falsifying expenses. He was also a candidate in the fresh election and came second with 12,401 votes. Liberal Democrat candidate Jane Dodds won the election.

The Brexit Party could garner only 3,331 votes and came third in the election and the main opposition Labor Party came fourth with 1,680 votes.

Conservatives in parliament

The loss of one vote reduced Johnson’s working majority marginally but considering the actual strength of the Conservatives in the parliament, it can be said that this loss could be considerable for Johnson government.

PM Boris Johnson has a wafer-thin majority in parliament and he’s relying heavily on a small Norther Irish party for majority. Conservatives have problem with rebels that could reduce the Johnson’s government to minority.


The election is seen as a referendum on Brexit. The recent winning increased the strength of Liberal Democrat to 13 and their leader Jo Swinson lost no time in making a statement that Boris Johnson had no mandate to crash Britain out of the EU.

Democrats have one more MP to vote against Brexit in parliament and they would see what they could do to stop the exit, the Democrat Leader further maintained. But Boris Johnson seemed unmoved with the defeat.

Boris Johnson is firm on its decision to Brexit on October 31 without an exit agreement if needed. … Read the rest