These 5 countries Celebrate 15 August, distant from India!

15 august Independence Day is special for all Indians. 5 more countries celebrate 15 august as Azad day on 15 August.

This year, Citizens are going to rejoice its 73rd anniversary of their Independence Day. Tomorrow, 72 years will be accomplished for the freedom of the British from about 200 years. Well, there are five more countries who are rejoicing their happiness expect India. Wanted to know? Keep reading.

5 countries celebrating 15 August

Countries will celebrate with us, but for their Independence such as North Korea, South Korea, Congo, Bahrain, and Liechtenstein.

North Korea & South Korea were got freedom from Japanese annexation on August 15, 1945. Hence, both these countries are celebrating their Independence Day this year.

The European Country Liechtenstein also gained freedom on 15 August. Bahrain also gained Independence Day on 14 August 1971.

On this Independence Day, these 5 countries and India going to celebrate its freedom. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Ashes 2019 Batsman Steve Smith Is The New Don Bradman Of Australia

Australian batsman Steve Smith made a stunning return from 12-month ban for a ball-tempering scandal. His 144 and 142 runs inning played a crucial role in Australia’s 251-run win over England in the first Test at Edgbaston.

Comparison with Bradman

It is the greatest score hit by any Australian batsman after Bradman considered The Don of batting. With an average of 62.96 in 20 innings, Smith is placed second to Bradman whose batting average was 99.94.

Smith remained out of cricked for 12-moths due to a ban and missed cricked due to World War II.

Bradman made his century in his first Test century in 1947 while playing against England in Brisbane followed by 234 in second Test in Sydney. Smith scored 200-runs in an Ashes Test to equal Bradman.

Bradman’s favourite pull

Some experts consider Bradman’s stance as a minor imperfection in his batting. He used to pick his bat from between his feet instead of the backfoot that was the norm those days.

Smith’s stance on creases

The 30-year old batsman shuffles across the crease before taking the final stand. Also, he keeps his laces taped because he doesn’t want to see the laces while batting. This approach makes him susceptible to get lbw but he scored 5-centuries with an average of 139 in the last six Tests in Ashes.

Neil Harvey on Smith

Harvey 90, the only surviving member of Bradman’s team that won the 1948 Ashes in England, places Smith equal to his captain Bradman but shies away from comparing the two – Bradman and Smith. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Amazing features and price list is here!

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ gaining popularity worldwide due to its amazing features, display, and camera quality. This is called as one of the best smartphones till the date.

It is something new and advanced launched by Samsung after Samsung galaxy Note 10 series. The DisplayMate ran an in-depth display snatched all the 13 performance records. This includes the maximum peak brightness at 1,308 nits and full screen brightness OLED at 793 nits. This phone is simply indistinguishable.

The colors mode offers ICC color management, which shifts repeatedly to Color Gamut for on-screen content. These are barely noticeable and smart.


• 6.8-inch display
• OHD+ dynamic AMOLED display
• Highest peak of 1.308 nits
• Highest color accuracy
• Sleek design

According to sources, the Galaxy 10+ will release in India on 23 August. The company is open for pre-booking. If you would like to have this smartphone in your hands so book it fast.

The price varies according to GB which is RS69, 999 to 79,999 from 2GB to 12 GB. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Gareth Bale Proved Bernabeu Boss Zinedine Zidane And President Florentino Perez Wrong

Gareth Bale made a striking comeback to Real Madrid when his dismissal from the team was almost certain. The stunned his team especially Bernabeu chief Zinedine Zidane with his 2-2 pre-season draw with Roma. But the Italians won the Mabel Green Cup in a penalty shootout.

Gareth Bale controversy

Zinedine Zidane left Gareth Bale out of Audi Cup in Germany las month saying that the player isn’t in the right mental condition to perform. He further made sure that the 30-year old never plays for Real again.

But it was Bernabeu president Florentino Perez that created more complications for Gereth Bale. The player was on the final stage of joining Chinese Super League side Jiangsu Suning on £1million-a-week wages when Perez pulled the plug on Bale. The incident was reported two-weeks ago.

Gareth Bale game

The ex-Spurs frontman Bale gave a stunning performance in 30-minute run-out in the final of the friendly match between Real Madrid and Roma. In the run-out game, he slotted home an equalizer to give Real some hope in shootout spot-kick.

Zinedine Zidane on Gareth Bale

Ever since Zidane returned as boss, he was adamant of keeping Bale out and Gareth Bale was also looking for a decent withdrawal from the team. But at the same, he was ready to steal an opportunity to cement his position in the team.

What’s next for Bale?

For Bale, the Roma final was an opportunity to get a place in Real’s squad for their La Liga opener at Celta Vigo to be played on Saturday. Though Real lost the match, Bale won his battle against Zidane. For more information please visit our latest trending Read the rest

Today Google doodle honours and celebrated Vikram Sarabhai’s 100th birthday!

Vikram Sarabhai was a founder of ISRO (Indian National Committee for space research) in 1962. Today, Sarabahi’s 100th birth anniversary Google dedicated honors to him. He was awarded as physicist, industrialist, and innovator.

Vikram’s achievements and background

Vikram was born on 12 August 1919. He earned his doctorate from Cambridge University. He founded PRL (Physical Research Laboratory) on 11 November 1947 in Ahmedabad.

He efficaciously convinced the Indian government on the importance of a space program after the Russian Sputnik launch. Dr. Homi Bhabha supported Dr. Vikram and setting up the first rocket station in India.

Vikram Sarabhai’s negotiation with NASA in 1966 and helped them in the experiment of Satellite Instructional Television experiment in July 1976.

Also, he underway the project for the construction and launch of the Indian satellite. Due to his efforts, the first Indian satellite Aryabhata put into orbit in 1975.

He was a chairman of Atomic energy commission. With him and his supports played an important role in the development of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

This year ISRO launched Chardyaan-2 and this was the biggest development so far.

Therefore, today Google honors Vikram Sarabhai with a doodle. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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David Covari made a World Record: Travelling 7 countries by Bicycle in 24 hours!!

David Covari made a world record traveling 7 countries via bicycle in 24 hours. Isn’t crazy? Well, it’s true!

In the entire world, you may find thousands of people who have registered their names in Guinness book of world records. Some are really dangerous and while some are quite amazing that surprise you for the whole day, how it was possible??

David Covari is also the craziest boy who made his name via traveling 7 countries in 24 hours. He set the new records. David made his trip of 24 hours to 7 European countries. After completing his journey and achieving his target his name registered in the Guinness Book of world records. On the talk with media, he said he made great efforts to achieve this. He prepared himself a lot physically and mentally for this trip.

David’s trip journey

David started his journey from Poland and visited Croatia through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Austia. He said I did not want to go for a 9-5 sitting job. I wanted to try something new and made his name and I enjoyed. Once I decided, I did great efforts in research about the complete journey.

He wants to donate all his winning amount in charity and to serve poor peoples. Also, he said about his interests’ that his favorite destination was Hungary. The sight was relay tempting in the early morning and it was a delightful experience for me. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Arun Jaitley Admitted To AIIMS For Second Time

Senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Arun Jaitley was admitted to AIIMS in New Delhi on Friday morning for medical checkup. Mr. Jaitley, 66, complained of breathing problem following which he was rushed to AIIMS and admitted to the intensive-care-unit of Cardio-Neuro center of the hospital.

Arun Jaitley’s health

Mr. Jaitley is suffering from diabetes and had a kidney transplant last year but his health remained a concern after the surgery. In February, he visited US for treatment and in May, he was admitted to AIIMS for health issues.

Arun Jaitley wrote to PM Modi that he was suffering from some serious health challenges and that he needed time to get proper treatment. He requested not to be assigned any responsibility in the new government citing health reasons.

Presently he’s getting treatment under the supervision of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and his condition is said to be haemodynamically stable.

Arun Jaitley’s career

Arun Jaitley is a renowned lawyer and a popular leader of BJP. In the party, he’s considered among the chief troubleshooters. In the last Modi government, he was given the responsibility of finance department and Mr. Jaitley successfully steered major economic legislations. Also, he strongly defended policies of the government on the floor of the parliament.

PM visited AIIMS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Arun Jaitley in the AIIMS to inquire about his health. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan also visited AIIMS to supervise the treatment of Mr. Jaitley. Senior BJP functionaries and leaders also rushed to AIIMS as soon as news of Mr. Jaitley getting admitted broke out. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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Pakistan faced all-around shock on Article 370: America, Russia, China, and United nations made the distance

PM Modi masterstroke against Pakistan and including Kashmir in India, Pakistan got shocked from international countries as well. In the last statement of Pakistan, Imran Khan said they will take help of the US and other countries on article 370, but all major countries UN, US, Russia, and china decline his proposal and revealed there will be made no change in 370 articles.

Pakistan had to face blow everywhere. On Thursday, the United Nations takes apart from this case whereas Taliban whom he brought up, turned their hopes. China who is known as a dear friend of Pakistan also ruined khan’s hopes.

Russia Foreign Ministry on Saturday

Russia said, whatever the decision made by India on 370 articles on J&K is based on the Indian Constitution. India divided it into two Union territories and changed the face of J&K. The Russian ministry said this decision is based on facts and after the investigation.1

They also said we hope Pakistan and India maintain the peace between their regions and don’t let it worsen. We hope both countries will resolve their differences in mutual trade.

Pakistan’s efforts failed in UN

The Security Council UN rejected the Imran’s request. The UN revealed its statement and saying, the secretary Council prompted India-Pakistan mutual agreement in 1972 known as Simla agreement, the last solution on J&K will be resolute by peaceable means under the UN charter.

Pakistan tried his best to convince the UN, but the UN refused and says both partied to stay calm and resolved their issues, and there will be no change in J&K status.

The US refused Pakistan

The spokesperson of the US says, there has … Read the rest