According to Dietitians, This is the Best Time to Eat Breakfast

While growing up we have heard from all elders that Breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day. Some say that without the good breakfast no one should attend the best in the world and that is right.

A healthy morning meal not just provide us the energy to do every task in a whole day but it also manages the weight, energize your metabolism, balance blood sugar level and also make better the cognitive functions.

Why skipping breakfast is bad for health?

To skip breakfast meals leads to many health issues including fatigue, stress, diabetes, susceptibility to obesity and mostly it increases the fat. While miss your breakfast can complicate your hunger Hormones and leads to overeating which makes you fat and unhealthy and sometimes it increases the risk of nutrients deficiency and cardiovascular disease.

What kind of Breakfast can help in your effective weight loss?

In the morning meal, the body absorbs all the nutrients very fast so we must eat our Breakfast within two hours of getting up or between 7 to 8 am. For weight loss, high protein breakfast is very good because firstly it decreases the risk of the fat collection in the … Read the rest


Ford bets $44K on future Electric Mustang SUV

Nowadays, people are crazy to drive SUVs and the demand is continually rising. Therefore, the car industry is now going to build an electric SUV’s that benefits the industries more. Ford motor company is doing well in this approach and also invest their $45K in the upcoming project launch. This new electric SUV called Mustang Mach-E. Well, on the market leads unlimited release on the electric cars, but nowadays this going to the biggest investment of the Ford Company because designers and engineers are involved in this project to make this super launch successful.

This electric SUV will be delivered to the cost more in 2020, which will be the first launch of the Year 2020 as a first e-car named with electric SUV. This project will be finished soon by the CEO of Ford Hackett. With the announcement of Ford CEO, this would release 40 mogas by 2022. This will provide great evidence in the strategy which might emphasis on big push strategy. The design of new you will be an exciting moment because this will provide you the experience of 116-year-old cars.

This electronic sport utility vehicle will build in Los Angeles on Sunday. This new launch game … Read the rest


Reliance Jio And Airtel Broadband Are Competing To Give More In Less Than Rs. 1000

Jio and Airtel have locked in a fierce battle in the broadband sector with Reliance launching new plans and speed to woo customers. A worried Airtel hurriedly announced Extreme Fiber service to compete with Jio Fiber of Reliance. Airtel has now loaded its plans with 300Mbps to 1000Mpbs speed.

Reliance is also gearing up to prevent drifting of its customers towards VIP broadband plan recently launched by Airtel. The above-mentioned speed applies to affordable less than Rs. 1000 plans of Airtel broadband.

Let’s check less than Rs. 1000 plans of Jio Fiber and Airtel

Reliance Jio Fiber Rs. 849 monthly plan

It is a 100Mbps speed Silver Plan by Reliance. Its highlights are 200 GB data with FUP limit. Also, the company is offering extra 200 GB data free with this plan. In this way, the users get 400 GB data. Also, the plan includes free voice calling and OTT apps.

Reliance is offering Jio set-top-box and Jio Home Gateway with its Welcome Offer. Also, the company offers 800 GB data free every month and two-month free service with annual subscription of the Silver Plan.

Airtel Broadband Rs. 999 monthly plan

It Extreme Fiber plan … Read the rest


Delhi Is Expected To Get Its First Anti-Smog Tower By Next Winter?

Delhi will get an anti-smog tower on the lines of China by next winter. The Supreme Court advised the state and center to check feasibility of setting anti-smog towers to clean capital of pollution. Now the Delhi government come up with a plan to set one.

How is Delhi’s first anti-smog tower planned?

IIT-Delhi and IIT-Bombay are working on a 20-25 meters tower with 30×30 feet dimensions. The University of Minnesota that also helped China in installing an anti-smog tower recently is assisting India in making its first air purifier.

Highlights of the Delhi tower

• 20-25 meters height

• 30×30 dimensions

• Cleaning capacity of 1 sq km

• Multiple filters to release fresh air in every direction

• The filters will be made at different heights

What people associated with the project have to say about the upcoming anti-smog tower?

It would be a pilot project and the location to install the first tower is yet to be finalized said Harsha Kota assistant professor in the civil engineering department at IIT-Delhi. Kota further revealed that the Delhi tower would be different from its counterpart in China.

While the Chinese tower releases fresh air … Read the rest


Did You See Ranu Mondal’s New Look?

Ranu Mondal became the target of netizens for wearing a makeup a couple of tones lighter to her natural color and dressing an expensive designer lehenga instead of saree that is her usual dress. But netizens were more aggressive towards her makeup.

Ranu Mondal was in the news for wrong reasons

Her rags to riches story from begging at a railway station to swanky studios is quite inspiring but in reality, the change in status transformed everything even the originality of Ranu Mondal.

• She started revealing her starry tantrums and true nature soon after coming into limelight but the fans were quick to react to her attitude. They demanded to drop her back to the Ranaghat railway station.

• Ranu Mondal was reportedly misbehaved with one of her fans. It is when she displayed her true colors and transformed nature.

What is the latest news about Ranu Mondal?

Today Ranu Mondal in invited to reality shows and she also visits public events where she meets and greets her fans. Usually she put on a saree but in a recent event, she was spotted in a glamorous lehenga and heavy makeup. It was too much her fans could accept and … Read the rest


Delhi Emerges As The Most Polluted City In Skymet’s Finding

Delhi becomes the most polluted city in the world with its Air Quality Index (AQI) touching 527 mark. A private weather forecasting agency Skymet studied that AQI of Delhi and its neighboring areas before making this declaration. The report also mentions Kolkata and Mumbai as the fifth and ninth most polluted cities with AQIs of 161 and 153 respectively.

Skymet weather forecast report

The report terms the weather in the NCR as “hazardous”. If further states that the situation is prevailing for the past nine days and that it has been the longest spell since the AQI-record keeping started.

AQI record of different areas of NCR:

• Lodhi Road area (AQI of 660)

• Faridabad (AQI of 708)

• Moti Nagar (AQI of 650)

• Paschim Vihar (AQI of 629)

What is the condition of air quality in Delhi and NCR?

Air quality in Delhi and surrounding areas of the capital has been deteriorating since the Diwali weekend. Today the city is reeling under a thick layer of dangerous smog. The AamAadmi Party (AAP) has blamed stubble burning in neighboring Haryana and Punjab for the deteriorating air quality of Delhi.

The Supreme Court reprimanded the … Read the rest