Pay By Reliance Jio UPI-Powered Payment Process

Reliance Jioannounced its entrance in the UPI-powered payment space. It offered this facility to over 370 million customers through an app update. Available only to selected customers in the beginning, Jio’s UPI payment facility will soon be available for others.

Reliance Jio’s UPI-payment facility

Mukesh Ambani led telecom company is eying into the flourishing market of UPI-payment. Presently this market is ruled by Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm and several others. Jio would be the first in the telecom companies and second in payment banks to start UPI-payment service. It already has a wallet service called JioMoney. The UPI option has been integrated in the main app MyJio and it works similar to others.

Users will be asked to sign up to get virtual payment address (VPA) with UPI handle @Jio. They would require providing their mobile numbers and debit card numbers attached with their bank accounts for generating UPI PIN. It is anticipated that the new service would be rolled out with the brand name JioPay. Presently Reliance provides autopay facility under JioPay. Under this service, the users are allowed to recharge their phone numbers five-days in advance before their recharges are due or after exhausting 90% data.

WhatsApp working

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IMF World Economic Outlook: India Growth Would Impact Global Growth Story

Gita Gopinath of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that India would have an effect on the global growth story. She further maintained that India had already pushed the global forecast down by 0.1%. She’s the Chief Economist of the IMF.

India projection of IMF

The world body has slashed India’s growth forecast in its World Economic Outlook released in Davos, Switzerland. It sees India’s growth to remain at 4.8% but it is 1.3% lesser in three months. Ms. Gopinath said that IMF revised the global growth down for 2019 by 0.1% considering the size of the Indian economy and its impact on global growth. She further said that the vast majority of the downgrade was from India.

Issue with India growth

Ms. Gopinath minced no words in highlighting the issue ailing the Indian economy. She said that the biggest issue was in the financial space. She indicated the stress in the financial sector, especially in non-bank financial corporations. The weakness in credit growth is visible and there appears to be an increased risk in lending in the markets. Also, there had been a weakness in rural income growth. But there was the hope of recovering GDP by up to … Read the rest


SAG Awards 2020: What Was The Backstage Drama Of Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston?

The SAG Awards 2020 were announced on Monday but the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the only two names that were trending all the day on Internet and Twitter.

Backstage giggling of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston


Pitt was seen giggling at the backstage with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. And it was soon after Aniston finished her speech on the stage. While Aniston was buy delivering her speech, Pitt waited for his ex-wife to finish her speech and come to backstage for a friendly conversation. But Internet couldn’t stop from clicking some adorable images of award-winning actor and actress.

SAG Awards 2020 for Pitt and Aniston

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Weathering With You: The Movie Wraps A Bigger Concern In A Romantic Way

Weathering With You is a 2019 Japanese animated romantic fantasy movie centering on the psychic powers to control weather. In Japan, a novel adaption of the movie was released on the second of its release. The movie was so popular that it won the award of the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.


Hodaka Morishima is a high school freshman. He runs away from his home and reaches Tokyo via a ferry. On the way, he escaped a freak accident due to rough weather but is saved by Keisuke Suga. Later Hodaka joins Suga’s publishing house where he befriends Suga’s niece, Natsumi. At that time, Japan was going through very rough weather conditions. They both learn about girls with psychic powers to control weather. One day Hodaka meets a teenage girl, Hina, with those powers. But she has to be rescued from dancing at a sketchy club. Hodaka convinces to start a business where Hina would use his powers to give clear weather to people.

Highlights of the movie

• It is a luminously beautiful film where Shinkai’s artists intelligently captured both micro and macroscopic details

• Concept of the movie has a metaphor for global … Read the rest


Bad Boys: Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Are Back With Their Comic Action Sequel

Bad Boys for Life is a buddy action-comedy. It is the third of the Bad Boys trilogy and a sequel to the 2003 movie Bad Boys. The movie starts in a flashback when detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnet were in the police department. Their past haunts their present life.


Mike Lowrey is a hard-changing super cop in the Miami police department but his long-time partner, Marcus Bennet starts thinking for early retirement due to his family responsibilities. But their past comes to haunt their present life. A Mexican cartel leader, now escaped from prison, dispatches her son who’s brutal and vengeance-minded to execute her plans. There is a reason for Marcus Bennet to rejoin the police force to eliminate the threat. What ensues is lots of car chases in narrow streets and action between the two warring factions. Would the super cop be able to eliminate the threat?

Highlights of the movie

• Filmography of the movie is said to be of the highest level

• Mike and Marcus decently align themselves with a team of young cops

• As a family man, Marcus looks very protective and impressive

• Will Smith promised that this movie would prove … Read the rest


PUBG: Role Of Vehicles In The Gameplay

PUBG is a popular war game that involves high-end weapons but it also offers vehicles that give speed to the players. Enthusiasts can make the game even more interesting by using those vehicles in an intelligent manner.

Here’re 5 tips for using vehicles in PUBG

Locate and identify vehicles

As soon as you land in the war, you should look for the vehicles you can use to cover short distances. Also, you should keep the passenger capacity of those vehicles so that you can choose the right vehicle for your needs.

Know when to use vehicles

Some vehicles aren’t suitable for entering into a war-zone due to their stiff controls. Also, sometimes it isn’t advisable to ride a vehicle because it could attract enemy-fire. You can choose to enter stealthily in the enemy area on foot.

Precautions with refueling

Vehicles run on fuel that you can get with inventory but you need to stop to refuel your vehicle. You should refuel your vehicle in a safe are or in the company of a partner that could give security cover while you refuel your vehicle.

Using vehicles as weapons

As a trained driver, you should know how to kill enemies with … Read the rest