PM Modi Promises To Stop Water From Flowing To Pakistan In His Poll Promise In Haryana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a swipe at Pakistan over the issue of water while addressing a rally in Hisar. He said that he always accomplishes what he decides to do. Pakistan has warned India that any attempt to water flow would be considered an act of aggression.

What did Narendra Modi say?

PM Modi started his speech with water issue in Haryana. He assured the farmers that the Haryana water won’t flow towards Pakistan. He also took a dig at Pakistan over his earlier statement about stopping water flowing to neighbouring country. He said that his reference to water upsets people in Islamabad.

What are Modi’s plans for next five years?

PM Modi said that his government had plans to invest Rs. 3.5 lakh crore in next five years to make infrastructure to provide water for drinking and irrigation purposes. He said that his emphasis was on to improve water condition under his Jal Jeevan Mission. He said that his government wanted to remove farmer’s reliability on monsoon for irrigation. He addressed two rallies in Gohana and Sonipat and later in Hisar in Haryana. … Read the rest

SpiceJet Flight SG-2 Sent Alarm Bells Ringing In Pakistani Airspace

The Pakistan air force swing into action on seeing Kabul bound commercial flight from New Delhi in its airspace. It pressed to jets into action to escort the commercial out of its airspace.

What was the commotion in Pakistani airspace?

The Pakistani aviation authorities failed to recognize the scheduled commercial flight’s call sign and took a passenger airplane to be a military jet. It was a SpiceJet plane flying from New Delhi to Kabul that entered the Pakistani airspace on a scheduled flight. It all happened amid rising tensions between India and Pakistan on September 23.

What was the incident?

SpiceJet flight SG-2 was flying over Pakistani airspace when the Pak authorities took “SG” to be an Indian Air Force aircraft. And they took no time in sending two F-16 jets to escort the Boeing 737 with 120 passengers on board. The PAF jets could see that it was a commercial flight but they order the plane to come to a low altitude and escorted the plane to Afghanistan airspace.

How did the passengers react on seeing PAF jets?

There was nervousness in the plane. … Read the rest

AI Flight AI 502 Stranded In Delhi Traffic

Air India passengers had a harrowing time on October 16, Tuesday when they were made to wait for three hours to board a flight. And the reason behind the delay was unavailability of the co-pilot.

Where were the passengers going?

It was Air India flight AI 502 from New Delhi to Bengaluru. The flight was scheduled to take off at 1:30pm but it took off only at 4:20pm. The flight arrived at Bengaluru at 7:08pm.

What was the reason behind the delay in flight?

Air India first sought 30 minutes delay for schedule maintenance of the aircraft but it kept increasing the flying time 30 minutes till 4:20. The company revealed the real reason only after the stranded passengers raised a hue and cry for unexpected delay. They thronged at the Air India office to know about the real reason in delay.

Finally, the AI officials agreed to open their mouth to tell the real reason behind the delay. They passengers were told that the flight crew was waiting for the co-pilot to arrive. It was told that the co-pilot was stranded in traffic … Read the rest

Make Karwa Chauth 2019 Special For Your Wife

October 17 will be Karwa Chauth, a religious ceremony special for married Hindu women called “Suhagan”. Every Suhagan keeps fast from sunrise to sunset to pray for well-being and long-life of her husband.

About Karwa Chauth

Every year the fourth-day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik is celebrated as KarwaChath. This day is considered auspicious for fasting for a happy married life. This fast is exclusively for women. On this day, Suhagans wake up early and have breakfast before the sun rises. It is so because they are prohibited from eating or drinking till sunset. The fast is opened only when the moon rises.

How the Karwa Chauth performed?

It starts with listening to a religious story related to Karwa Chauth in the evening before the sunset. Women observing fast can perform the puja in groups or go to a nearby temple, according to their convenience. After the puja is complete, they wait for the moon to rises. Suhagans first see the moon and then their husbands. Finally, the husbands give water to their wives for opening the fast.

Highlights of Karwa ChauthRead the rest

DRDO Technician & Graduate Apprentice recruitment application out now!

DRDO (Defence Research and development organization) has out the applications for Graduate and Technician apprentice. The ITR (Integrated Test range) of Chandipur opens applications for young and Indian Graduate and technician (diploma holder) apprentice. The last date to apply is 20 October 2019.

Selection Procedure

The selection criteria are based on written test and interview, must read all the official announcements by ITR. If you are interested to apply for this position under DRDO, read the full detail below:

Eligibility criteria for graduate- 60 posts

A candidate must hold B.E/B.Tech in Engineering/ IT Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, B Lib. Sc in Library science, B. Tech in computer science.

For Technical Apprentice- 56 pots

A Candidate must hold a diploma in computer science, engineering, IT, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil Engineering.

How to apply?

To apply to the above posts, a candidate needs to register his name on A candidate must have passed with eligibility criteria. A candidate who has passed a diploma earlier 2017 is not eligible for these posts.

Those candidates who have passed diploma as regular student in college/university … Read the rest

What Should Children Know About Valmiki Jayanti 2019?

October 13, Sunday is Valmiki Jayanti. The birth anniversary of the famous poet who also authored the Hindu epic Ramayana will be celebrated according to traditions. But modern technology has also a role to play in the celebrations.

Who was Maharishi Valmiki?

Born in a Brahmin family, his original name was Ratnakar. He was like any other child but grew into a sage after meeting the Vedic sage Narada Muni. The Vedic sage gave him a mantra to chant. It was Ram. Ratnakar started changing Ramand continue changing the mantrafor rest of his life.

The mantra transformed Ratnakar into Maharishi Valmiki

Chanting of the mantra made Ratnakar still from inside and outside and he became so still that ants formed hills around him. But Ratnakar remained unmoved from the presence of ants on his body. The mantra also enlightened his mind and soul. After achieving enlightenment, Ratnakar became Maharishi and came to be known as Valmiki.

What was Maharishi Valmiki’s role in the epic Ramayana?

Maharishi Valmiki appears as a monk in in the epic. He comes into picture when the King … Read the rest