Happy Parents’ Day 2019: Celebrate the love today!

At the end of July or the fourth Sunday of July is celebrated as parents’ day in the world annually. Parents are crucial in one’s life. They are not just your best friends, but also they help us everywhere where we need them whether we’re wrong or correct.

28 July is the day to celebrate with our parents and wish them thanks, what they did for us.

God gives us parents to make our life happy even when the bad times come around us. Parents always try their best to give their children a wonderful life with no stress and sad times.

How to celebrate parents’ day?

If you want to make their day best and memorable forever so why don’t you wish them first with a beautiful message or quote?

You can plan dinner or take them for a picnic.

Well, we all are busy in our lives even sometimes our parents too. But, this day is to celebrate the true love and support that they have given to you.

Spend your Sunday with your parents and give them a special day. Wish you a very Happy Parents Day!

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US Sees No Threat In North Korea Missile Test

US President Donald Trump said he had very good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and that the missile test by North Korea wasn’t aimed at the US.

North Korea missile test

Pyongyang fired two short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan also called the East Sea. North Korea said that the missile launch was a warning to the South Korea that was importing weapons and conducting joint military drills especially with US.

It was the first missile test since Trump met Kim last month and the two leaders agreed to revive the denuclearization talks. The talks stalled last after a failed summit between the two leaders in February 2019.

Trump’s stand on North Korea

US President Trump doesn’t see North Korea’s missile test as a threat to America. He said that they were standard missiles and many countries have those missiles. America was watching the developments, maintained Trump. He categorically said that the issue between North and South Korea is a bilateral one. Also, he stressed the point that Kim didn’t mention that the missiles were for US.

UN’s stand on North Korea

UN Security Council has banned North Korea from conducting … Read the rest


Real Madrid VS Atletico Madrid Match Update: Diego Scored 4 goals

On Friday, the match between MAD and ATM was thrilling. Diego costa Scored 4 goals whereas Real Madrid felt embarrassed on the playground because of 7-3 by his rivals Atletico Madrid.

With the new signings of Eden Hazard and Luka Jovic, real retrieved a robust side once again starting up front and Gareth on the bench and match was ended with first half 5-0.

Zindane said, we instigated the game very poorly.

The opponent team scored seven goals and that was bad for us. Well, each player was very much disappointed, but it was the match and we need to shot the page swiftly.

We played calmly but they did not. Atletico fetched a host of new entrances including Joao Felix. He instantly jammed real beforehand playing costa in for his first goal.

Alvaro shocked Real by scoring great in the 19th minute. Saul Niguez exploited slack and Real in fourth for 28 minutes.

Real got disastrous match scores

In the half, costa won a penalty before adapting from the spot in stoppage time. Well, the punishment did not stop here. Felix nurtured costa for six minutes and nacho dragged one-back from real near the … Read the rest

President Trump Meets With Governor Ricardo Rossello of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: Governor Ricardo Rossello Steps Down Amid Public Pressure

Puerto Rico will see a new governor after the present Governor Ricardo Rossello offered to resign under pressure from citizens. He will tender his resignation on 2 August 2019 but the race to the next governor has already begun.

Why were Puerto Rican protesting?

Over 500,000 Puerto Ricans spilled on streets of Puerto Rico to demand resignation of the governor. The island witnessed 12 days of protesting after the profane messages and corruption scandal of Governor Ricardo Rossello came to light.

Who is Ricardo Rossello?

Present governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello belongs to a pro-statehood party called New Progressive. His rule is marked by 2017 successive hurricanes that wreaked widespread destructions and killed 3000 people. Also, it was during his rule that US territory filed for bankruptcy to restructure $US120 billion of debt and pension allegations. Finally, he has other charges leading to widespread protests. He’s resigning on the first week of August.

Who would be the next governor?

The public is divided on the name of the next governor. The first name doing round is of Secretary of Justice Wanda Vazquez but the protestors are opposing her name. But one in the protestors is seen displaying a placard … Read the rest


Boris Johnson Inducts Three Indians Including Infosys Founder Narayana Murthy’s Son-In-Law In His Cabinet

Boris Johnson officially accepts the prime ministerial responsibility on Wednesday and vows to fulfill his promise of Brexit under a new deal with the 28-member economic bloc on October 31.

PM Boris Johnson

Mr. Johnson is appointed Prime Minister by Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday. By number he the 55th Prime Minister of Britain and 14th appointed by the 93-year-old-monarch. Also, he’s 3rd Prime Minister since Britain voted for Brexit in June 2016.

Promises to fulfill

Boris Johnson made many promises on his first day at office. He made it clear that Britain is walking out of Brexit on October 31 without any ifs and buts. He has 99 days to make a deal with 28-member EU bloc and get a ceremonial exit from the union. He further promised to make streets safer by adding 20,000 additional police. He also vowed to work on improving social care and bring education reforms in addition to work on the free trade deals around the world.

Johnson’s India connection

Mr. Johnson describes himself as a son-in-law of India by virtue of his wife Marina Wheeler whose mother was an Indian, Dip Kaur. He stressed on the need of strengthening UK’s relations with India. … Read the rest


Jonty Rhodes applied as for India’s next coach: Is he would be the next?

Jonty Rhodes is one of the famous and greatest Fielders in the Cricket industry. In recent news, Jonty Rhodes has applied as for India’s next fielding coach. Jonty found India has grown up amazing in the cricket. Therefore, his indeed is to polish the Indian cricket team in fielding especially the catching side for overseas tours.

Rhodes was an outstanding fielder in his times and also amazing with the bat.

In today news, Rhodes said he wanted to guide the Indian team about batting and bowling depth’s that will surely take them a long way. I have great respect for the Indian team what they have achieved in the last couple of years. They proved them as one of the best cricket team in the world.

Jonty Appreciated Indian team

I don’t want to make them a best as a team only that low their status because of lowest drop-catch percentage, said Jonty.

R Sridhar said Jonty Rhodes could be the next coach of the Indian team.

In world cup 2019, only Rajendra Jadeja was the best fielder from the Indian team. Vijay Shankar was also good, but he was ruled out from the match because of injury.

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